Kim Kardashian “failed photoshop” in new mirror selfie as fans notice telltale sign that image has been “edited”

Kim Kardashian appears to have failed photoshopped in her latest mirror selfie.

Fans of the KUWTK star noticed that the top of her phone case was “warped” and had a curved line – a clear sign of editing.


Kim Kardashian fell flat in photoshop when fans noticed a curved line on the top of her phone case.
The 41-year-old also shared this close-up of her pouting lips.


The 41-year-old also shared this close-up of her pouting lips.Credit: Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Kim pouted and showed a peace sign while posing in a baggy cream sweater in the photo that was taken in the bathroom.

The 41-year-old man posted a picture on Instagram on Tuesday, signing it with lips and peace signs.

Her eagle-eyed followers quickly noticed an obvious editing error on her phone.

They speculated that the SKIMS founder used FaceTune to make her face thinner or give her hair the illusion of more volume.

One of them wrote on Reddit: “Her phone is deformed, and I do not understand why, because she is so beautiful.”

Another wrote: “Her phone case is warped in the upper left corner (our left). He kind of lifted up a little. Why should she photoshop her cheekbones.

“Kim needs to postpone editing. It kind of destroys her beauty when she edits her face to look like a teenager in her photographs, ”commented a third.

This isn’t the first time Kim has been accused of tweaking her photos, as fans claimed last month that she edited her armpits in a series of sultry shots.

A mother of four posed with her arms raised in a sequined strapless Balenciaga dress with leggings underneath.

Her followers claimed that her armpits looked “weird” as Kim seemed to have carved shadows in them.


Meanwhile, back in June, Kim faced a similar backlash when she posed by the pool of her mansion in a black bikini.

In one photo, a KUWTK alumnus posed sideways on a bench and then changed positions to show fans her rear end.

Fans quickly commented that the photo had been edited to make her look slimmer.

Plastic Surgery Blog Troubled fame zoomed in on the first image and indicated that the background was distorted, hinting that the image had been edited.

They first wrote: “Lately her photoshop has gotten very sloppy. Another reminder that Instagram is not real life. “

Aside from the controversy, Kim enjoys the excitement in her love life when she leaves Kanye West.


The reality TV star has been dating SNL star Pete Davidson, 28, since October, and their relationship is growing stronger and stronger.

Kim and Pete have enjoyed numerous dates in Los Angeles and New York, and they even took an idyllic vacation to the Bahamas earlier this month.

They are believed to be staying in a $ 10 million luxury villa with a poolside spa and deep sea jetty.

Kim filed for divorce from 44-year-old Kanye in February.

The former couple have four children: North, eight, Saint, five, Chicago, three, and Psalm, two.

Last month, she was accused of photoshopping the armpits in this photo.


Last month, she was accused of photoshopping the armpits in this photo.1 credit
Meanwhile, Kim's romance with Pete Davidson is gaining momentum.


Meanwhile, Kim’s romance with Pete Davidson is gaining momentum.Credit: Instagram / @ angelinas_ristorante
They flew to the Bahamas together.


They flew to the Bahamas together.1 credit
Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian were called “racists” for jokes about “KKK” in the reappeared video “Family Feud”

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