Kim Kardashian FOLLOWS Miley Cyrus after singer serenaded Pete Davidson during his New York special

KIM Kardashian no longer follows Miley Cyrus after the singer’s New Years serenade for Pete Davidson during their time together.

The beauty founder KKW was not at the event.


Kim Kardashian unfollowed Miley Cyrus after she serenaded Pete DavidsonCredit: Smalls and Ruskind / Oxygen.
Miley and Pete co-hosted a New Years event


Miley and Pete co-hosted a New Years eventCredit: Getty Images – Getty.

Kim unsubscribed from 29-year-old Miley after an incident that occurred on stage during a joint performance of the singer with Pete.

This was announced by Miley’s fan account @MileyEdition.

According to the report, Kim was following the Wrecking Ball singer as of December 10.

P. Sixth reported the same day that Miley was seen at Pete’s apartment prior to performing together on The Tonight Show.

As of Tuesday, Kim is no longer following Miley’s Check

It’s unclear why Kim chose to hit the Unsubscribe button, but it could have something to do with the serenade she gave to the Saturday Night Live star before the ball dropped.

The duo appeared on stage together during the show to sing along with Will Smith’s Miami duo.

Miley hinted at a potential romantic interest in Pete by promoting their event on The Tonight Show, humming, “It should have been me.”

Kim and Pete have been dating since October.


The former Kardashian star did not attend Pete and Miley’s New Years Eve event due to trouble finding a nanny.

In accordance with Hollywood lifeKim asked ex-Kanye West to babysit so she could go, but he said he couldn’t.

At that time, she did not know that he would not be able to come, because he himself was going to Miami.

Kanye was spotted on a date in Florida with Uncut Gems star Julia Fox.

He was later seen in a hotel room with a woman topless.

A source told the publication, “Kim was wary of going to Miami because she really wanted to be with Pete.

“She knew how much this concert meant to him and how much he wanted her to be there.

“He asked her [to go to Miami] when they spent Christmas together in Los Angeles.

“But when she contacted Kanye to ask if he could look after the kids, Kanye said he wouldn’t.”

According to an insider, “Kim knew one of them had to be there with their kids on New Years Eve because they made a deal to always have one of them with the kids on vacation.

“Since Kanye said he had plans, Kim canceled all preliminary plans that she was supposed to leave. [to Miami] On the 31st.

“Kim always puts her kids first, no matter what.”

After she found out that Kanye was going to Miami, she began to question his motives.


According to a Hollywood Life source, Kim didn’t understand why rapper Donda overlooked this fact.

An insider said: “She feels that she is honest, straightforward and pure in her intentions, and he is playing games.

“And just like [his recent] buying a house, her family thinks it’s a little weird.

“She can’t wait for the divorce to end.”

Regarding Kanye’s decision to move across the street, Kim would rather not, some sources say.

The insider said InTouch Weekly that she’s not “necessarily thrilled” about it.

The source added: “Kim may need to make some adjustments. I mean, nobody wants their ex to live across the street.

“It’s not the most common divorce situation – starting a new life, dating and all that.”

The source added: “[But] he wants to be constantly present while raising his children at the same time, and for Kanye this means that physically he needs to be as close to [their kids] as far as it’s possible.

“The good news is that the children are very happy that Daddy has become closer. [Kanye] does it his own way and he wants to be with his kids and Kim too. “

Kim filed for divorce from Kanye in February after nearly seven years of marriage.

Pete, with whom she is currently vacationing in the Bahamas, is the only man with whom she has been associated since then.

Kim was not with the SNL star


Kim was not with the SNL starCredit: Instagram / @ angelinas_ristorante
She was at home with her children


She was at home with her childrenCredit: Instagram / Kim Kardashian
Kanye West was in Miami and was seen with several women


Kanye West was in Miami and was seen with several womenCredit: Getty
Pete Davidson Calls On New Years Eve WITHOUT Kim Kardashian, Despite The SNL Star “ Invited His Girlfriend ” in Miami for a New York Screening

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