Kim Kardashian froze in shock when she said Khloe was pregnant with Tristan’s baby

Kim Kardashian was seen frozen in shock as she told sister Khloe that she had another child with Tristan Thompson.

Last season of The Kardashians came to an end when Kim, 41, broke the news that her sister’s lover Tristan, 31, was expecting another woman’s baby.


Kim could be seen frozen in shock at the news.1 credit
Khloe revealed that she explained that she would have a second child with Tristan over the phone.


Khloe revealed that she explained that she would have a second child with Tristan over the phone.1 credit

Now, the moment Khloe, 38, told Kim about her second child has finally been revealed – after being cut from the original scene.

Fans watched during the premiere episode of the second Kardashian series as the mother of four stood in stunned silence after learning that her sister had an embryo transfer.

Kim was heard telling Chloe that Tristan’s cheating was “the biggest sign” for them not to have a baby before she broke the news.

On the phone, the Skims owner was shocked when her little sister said it was too late – and already on the move.

“But if that’s not the biggest sign that this person shouldn’t have a baby…” Kim could be heard saying before Khloe interjected.

“I have a little problem,” she admitted, and when Kim tried to tell her that she was busy “shooting”, Khloe asked to turn off the speakerphone.

In a confession on camera, Chloe explained that it was the moment she told her sister that just “a couple of days ago” they did an embryo transfer with the help of a surrogate mother.

With a hand over her mouth, Kim could be seen in stunned silence before finally whispering to herself, “Oh my god.”

Khloé went into detail about the birth of her second child, who was welcomed by a surrogate in July, with the cheating ex Tristan elsewhere in the premiere episode.

The arrival of the ex-couple’s child came shortly after Khloe discovered that Tristan had cheated again with Marali Nichols.

Elsewhere in the episode, Chloe revealed that she feels “fooled” by her beloved child in one last act of betrayal.

In scenes from the new series, Chloe told her sister Kylie that she had no idea about Tristan’s latest betrayal before their son was conceived.

She said: “We did an embryo transfer a few days before Thanksgiving and I found out about Tristan’s situation in the first week of December.

“It’s so close, I didn’t want anyone to think that I did it with Tristan after the fact. Why should I want to have a child with someone who has a child with someone else?

“I’m not exactly a sociopath, I’m crazy, but I’m not that damn crazy.”

Chloe claimed that Tristan actually knew Marali was pregnant and “forced” her to speed up the surrogacy process.

She said, “I was forced to do it by a certain date. In the background, especially when receiving the documents that we saw, he found out on July 2, so he knew.

“It was just great to expand our family, thinking it’s a real, healthy, loving, protective family.”

The new series kicked off with Chloe first opening up about cheating and her newborn baby.

She took a deep breath before saying, “There is something I need to talk about.

“The day you guys were filming Tristan with Kim and you guys found out that Tristan was having a baby with someone else, there was something I wasn’t ready to talk about.

“I don’t even want to cry, but Tristan and me – I don’t even know if I want to say Tristan and me – I’m going to have another baby.”

She continued, holding back tears, “And obviously it’s just very personal and I don’t want it to come out because I want to protect my mental well-being and surrogates and all.”

Kim could be seen in stunned silence as Chloe broke the news.


Kim could be seen in stunned silence as Chloe broke the news.1 credit

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