Kim Kardashian reveals her body fat percentage in shocking test results after fans insist the star has gotten ‘too thin’.

Kim Kardashian shocked fans by revealing her body fat percentage amid claims she lost too much weight and went too far on her diet.

In May, the reality TV star revealed that she went on an intense diet to lose some serious weight for the Met Gala.


Kim Kardashian opens up about her body fat percentage due to concerns about her weight1 credit
The reality TV star shared with fans that she is considered in "sportsman" category


The reality TV star shared with fans that she is listed in the “athlete” category.Credit: Instagram/@kimkardashian

On Wednesday, Kim took to her Instagram story to attract fans as she underwent a body scan.

The scan included measuring her body fat percentage, which she told fans about.

Kim filmed a screen that showed her body was 18.8% body fat and was in the “athletic category”.

Alum The Keeping Up With the Kardashians also showed off their bone density test results, showing off to fans.

She shot the screen again for her Instagram story, adding her own caption.

Kim wrote, “Are you listening?!?!!!! My bones [are] stronger than 93-97% of people.”

The reveal comes amid fans’ concerns about the mom-of-four’s size as she continues to lose weight.

She and her sister Khloe Kardashian have been known to document their intense workouts online.


The reality TV star recently posted a series of sexy photos on her Instagram page showing off her slim figure.

the pictures show how the blond beauty-tycoon emerges from the ocean.

She wears bikini bottoms and a matching white top with “The Incredibles” written on it.

In another photo, Kim turned around in the water, exposing part of her thong.

A tank top can be seen under her wet tank top.

Fans were quick to respond, writing, “Is this a nod to Kimye’s comeback?”

Another wrote: “The Incredibles?! I remember when Kanye… never mind! You look great”.

How is Pete? one reacted referring to Kim’s current boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson.

Many of the comments refer to Kim and Kanye’s old confession when they were expecting their fourth child.

Kanye, 45, sat next to Kim for an interview on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

AT interviewhe said, “This is my first time doing this. I’m not really trying to do good.”

“Like, part of the reason I was even thinking about this interview was because of The Incredibles,” he explained.

“Everything starts with an interview, superheroes give interviews. My wife has a big ass and I just see our life getting more and more like The Incredibles until we can finally fly,” he said with a laugh. .

“He would,” replied Kim with an uncomfortable laugh.

In addition to speculation about a reunion with her ex, many fans have been buzzing about Kim’s body.


At the end of last month, Kim showed off her slim figure in a form-fitting bodysuit.

Kim held the camera in front of her face as she filmed the video in her closet.

She wore little to no makeup, and her blond hair hung down over her shoulders.

Kim addressed Khloe Kardashian’s sister in her clip as she hissed, “Khloe, I’m wearing your Good American bodysuit. I like it.

“How cute is that?”

While some fans marveled at the star’s looks, others couldn’t help but comment on how intimidating the skinny Kim looked.

Similar comments were made after she uploaded a snap in a bikini, once again showing off her toned figure and highlighting the huge gap between her thighs.

Their remarks come amid similar chit-chat about a younger sister, Chloe, who has undergone major changes over the years.

In a recent clip, Kim is trying on a bikini from the SKIMS collection.

However, fans were distracted by the lean figure of the tycoon.

At one point, Kim enlarged her waist, highlighting how small she has gotten lately.

Meanwhile, Kim’s boyfriend Pete Davidson recently opened up about how he feels about the star’s “obsession” with being size zero.

He told Life & Style that he didn’t like her obsession with it or her desire to lose weight.

Apple News later reported on his thoughts, saying, “According to Life & Style’s print release, a source said, ‘Kim is obsessed with becoming a size zero. It really took over her life and turned her into a complete bore.”

“Pete hates watching Kim scatter food on her plate at parties or restaurants and just wants her to have fun,” the insider said.

Kim recently lost weight to fit into the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress to wear to the Met Gala.

The Hulu star wore a dress in which the singer sang Happy Birthday, Mr. President to President John F. Kennedy.

The Kardashian star previously claimed she lost 16 pounds to fit the look.

Kim showed off her figure online


Kim showed off her figure onlineCredit: Instagram/@kimkardashian
In May, she revealed the extremes she went to to fit into Marilyn Monroe's dress.


In May, she revealed the extremes she went to to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s dress.1 credit
Most recently, she showed off her slim waist and huge gap between her thighs.


Most recently, she showed off her slim waist and huge gap between her thighs.1 credit

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