Kim Kardashian Says North West Calls Their House “So Ugly” When She Gets Upset After They Have A Disagreement 

By now we all know that the Northwest certainly tells it as it is, and it seems no different when they and Kim Kardashian disagree.

Recently, Kim was sitting for a whileMother confessions.With “The Allen de Janeiro Show”, and when asked, what is the worst thing your child has said to you? Kim replied, “Whenever I have a disagreement with my daughter North, she thinks it’s a dig for me. And she’ll say, ‘Your house is so ugly, it’s all white.’ , Who lives like this?

“She thinks I like it, and it kind of means I like my house,” Kim added.

During the class, Kim also discussed the failure of her biggest parents, the things she has to learn as a parent as a parent, the qualities she wants her children to have. Don’t pick up, and much more.

This is not the first time Kim has shared funny moments from the North as she collects them by chance.

Like us First In July, Kim shared her Instagram story North and asked why she changed her voice on social media when she was speaking.

At this point, North asked, “Why do you talk differently?” Kim replied, “Why do I talk differently.” For your videos, North replied. Kim replied, “For my videos, I’m the same person, I don’t talk differently.”

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