Kim Wexler’s “Better Call Saul” Highlights Ranking

Their scam against Ken won’t be their last scheme together. In season 4, they team up again when Jimmy’s bodyguard, Hewell, is arrested for assaulting a police officer. Kim has enough to do with Mesa Verde, but she doesn’t believe Jimmy can handle it without incriminating himself. While collecting school supplies at a department store, Kim calls Jimmy and offers to help.

In the next episodeCoushatta“Kim takes Jimmy on a bus to Coushatta, Louisiana, Hewell’s hometown. Jimmy makes several passengers forge letters Judge Mansinger demanding Hewell’s release. The plan is working, and the judge forces Kim and Suzanne Eriksen, the assistant district attorney, to come to an agreement. Eriksen, suspecting a ruse, investigates several of the names in the letters and discovers that Jimmy has dotted his i’s and crossed out his t’s, set up a fake parish website, and orchestrated several fake phones to impersonate Coushatta residents.

After Kim and Eriksen negotiate Huell’s release, Jimmy visits Kim at the courthouse. AT another zigzag moment, Kim pins Jimmy against the wall and kisses him passionately. As this episode follows duet breaks upsurprisingly another scam brought them closer together. Kim later visits Jimmy near a potential office and he tries to apologize for holding her responsible for his dealings with Hewell. Between puffs on cigarettes, Kim tells Jimmy that she wants to do it again. For now, the fun isn’t over.

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