Kind strangers rushed to the aid of a father who bought a too small lawn mower

It’s not easy to find the motivation to cut the grass (motivation to cut the grass, you know?), especially when it’s a beautiful sunny day and your lawn mower is just barely up to the task. You won’t use a toothpick to eat a whole piece of lasagna, but that’s a good comparison to the little lawn mower this man got. Luckily, many selfless neighbors brought forks and spoons to the party!

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Madison and Blake Miley decided to move their young family to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, but they needed to get used to rural life.

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No one is born knowing everything, especially when it comes to the twists and turns that life has to offer. Sometimes that twist is to decide what you want for breakfast that morning, another is to drop out of medical school and move to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere.

The latter happened to the Miley family. After Madison Blake’s husband decided to drop out of school after two and a half years to become a more active part of their young children’s lives, they found themselves at a crossroads thinking, “Where should we plant the seeds for our family to grow?” And found just the right place – Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains! And while this is a great place, it does have a few tricks up its sleeve.

The simple task of mowing the lawn was no walk in the park, especially since Blake had bought a lawnmower too small for the important task.

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The couple settled in a house with juicy large fields. However, being new to rural life, they did not expect how much effort it would take to mow it down. Blake went to buy a lawn mower, but not having much experience in the field (hehe, good pun), he bought something more suitable for the lawn of a city house.

Madison filmed his efforts to tame wildlife with their youngest girl riding on his back. The push mower struggled to get the job done, and it could take hours. But Blake was determined to use the mower he had bought, so he continued to work.

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It was a task that could take several hours of work, however, as soon as the neighbors noticed the man’s struggle, they rushed to the rescue with their mowers.

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His wife, meanwhile, took a shower, and when she finished, looked out the window to see how Blake was doing. To her surprise, he was no longer the only one on the lawn. In a pleasing turn of events, a group of neighbors banded together, bringing their lawn mowers and other machinery to help tame the yard.

Madison posted a video on tik tak, captions: “We don’t know any of these people. They drove by and saw my poor husband with his tiny mower, showed up and mowed the whole lawn for COMPLETE strangers. Reminder: There is a lot of good left in this world.” She shared a video on her Instagram page, as well as saying “We need a small fleet of lawn mowers so we can do this for someone else someday!”

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The video quickly went viral, gaining 18.6 million views, many rejoicing in the kindness of humanity and the sympathy shown. We can really do amazing things when we unite! However, others were somewhat critical of their choice to mow the lawn.

So the question is – to mow or not to mow? For example, “Row, row, row, row the boat”, should you mow, mow, mow the lawn? Okay, enough of the dad jokes…

The best houses and gardens it is recommended to mow the grass less often, as emissions from gas mowers and trimmers contribute to air pollution, and cutting of native grasses and wildflowers reduces the amount of potential nectar for pollinators. Allowing native plants to grow instead of cutting them will help the local ecosystem thrive.

Together they did a deed, and people who were previously strangers united in one good deed.

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“The sheer volume of flowers and nectar in lawns mowed once a month can be astounding,” explains Dr. Trevor Dines, Plantlife botanist. “We have found that plants such as daisy, white clover and shamrock are excellently adapted to growing shorter swords.”

However, Lawn Solutions believe it is important to mow the lawn regularly to keep it healthy. A lawn that is not regularly mowed to the recommended height is often less healthy than a well-maintained lawn, and the grass is more susceptible to diseases, pests, and weeds. Mowing the lawn promotes lateral growth, which helps it grow thicker.

It’s unclear if these meetings will continue or if the Mealy family is investing in bigger equipment, but one thing is for sure – it’s pretty darn useful.

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Whether you can make a personal choice to mow the lawn or leave it as is, you should always consider the laws of the neighborhood in your community, as one or two fines can be paid for non-compliance with the rules. Besides, it’s really a matter of personal choice and circumstance.

No matter how much you love your lawn, one thing is certain – community spirit and neighborly love shine brightly through a selfless act of helping.

You can watch the full video here

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