Kirsten Stewart became the Queen of the Awards Season after a new movie project with Steven Yoon.

گودھولی Actress Kirsten Stewart is surrounded by Oscars. this year. Thanks to her powerful portrayal of Princess Diana in Pablo Lauren’s upcoming film, Spencer, The actress has been talking about the city for a long time. Now, he’s got another notable character!

Kirsten Stewart is getting ready to star in the upcoming high-tech sci-fi drama. Oscar-nominated actor Steven Yoon.. The South Korean actor is best known for his role as Glenn Ray. Television series the walking Dead Along with the movie Tower, Which gave him the Oscar for Best Actor.

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Kirsten Stewart and Steven Yoon in an unconventional love story

In my new interview with Weekly entertainment, The actress discussed her upcoming project with her upcoming untitled sci-fi film, Steven Yoon. Described as a “high concept sci-fi drama”, the film is a kind of love story.

Stewart shared: “It’s actually a love story between a satellite and a boy.A It’s hard to explain. I hope I don’t miss it, because it’s really a revolutionary script.

Kirsten’s fans were confident she would lead the awards season next year, and she would win not one but two Best Actor awards.

“Another Oscar-nominated film and Best Actor nominee for both of them!” Pushed the fan.

She will also work with actress Vigo Mortenson in Canadian director David Kronberg’s film Crimes of the Future. Kirsten also expressed her excitement at the desire to try her hand in the direction, a project under discussion of water history, based on Lydia Yukonovich’s disturbing 2011 memoir. However, the star does not want to act in the film, and intends for someone else to do it.

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“I can’t wait to throw someone into the deepest, coldest, scariest water and see what happens to them,” the actor said.

On the other hand, Yoon had several projects in 2021. He will next appear in Jordan Peel’s 2022 film. Nope, A horror drama starring Daniel Calvia and KK Palmer.

Spencer. Released on November 5. This is after the three-day Christmas celebrations at the British royal family’s Sandringham Estate, when Princess Diana decided to leave Prince Charles in 1991.

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