Kourtney Kardashian Called “Toxic” As She Condemns Sister Khloe For “Gaining A Few Pounds” In New KUWTK MV

FANS are unhappy with Kourtney Kardashian, calling her “toxic” after she accused her sister Khloe of “gaining a few pounds” in a re-emerging clip from “The Kardashian Family.”

A video from a previous episode of the family-friendly reality show has reappeared on TikTok, prompting an overwhelming fan reaction in the comments.


Courtney called out her sister Chloe for “putting on a few pounds” in the show’s re-emerging music video.1 credit

Critics criticized Courtney for her


Critics criticized Courtney for her “rude” comments, calling her “venomous.”1 credit

In this scene, Courtney and Chloe are having lunch as a 42-year-old woman commented on her little sister’s recent weight gain.

The conversation began as the girls discussed the “nutritional value” of the food they ate, which prompted Courtney to point out Chloe’s fluctuating weight.

“Where does it go wrong?” She asked jokingly before telling Chloe about her eating habits.

“What do you eat? Do you have a snack? “She continued, prompting Chloe to clap back.” So you think I’m fat? ”

Courtney did not hide her thoughts, directly responding: “No, but I think you gained a few pounds.”

Chloe looked overwhelmed by her sister’s honest confession and replied, “You think so. Since when?”

Courtney then pointed her finger at ex-Tristan Thompson Chloe, who replied, “I don’t know, since Tristan is back.”

The TV star continued to delve into the 37-year-old man’s diet, asking, “Guys, have you not eaten anymore since he returned?” To which Chloe agreed: “Probably.”

Kourtney then tried to heal the wound she opened by telling her, “That’s not bad,” as Chloe still looked a little dazed by the comment.

“I know that I am more, what do you want me to do?” She replied, rolling her eyes.

Courtney didn’t drop the topic and tried to teach her sister to lead a healthier lifestyle, saying: “I can give you some small tips that will help you right away.”

She began to refine her phrase, “the healthier way to love is just to do,” before Chloe coughed, ending the awkward conversation.

The clip was posted on the Kardashian fan account. Kardashian moves with caption: Chloe was pregnant and Kourtney didn’t know🤣 #khloekardashian #kourtneykardashian #kardashians #keepingup #keepingupclips

Fans later learned that Chloe was expecting her first child from her then-beauty NBA star Tristan.

They welcomed their baby girl Tru in April 2018 and have since split up following his many infidelity scandals.


After the clip was released, fans criticized Courtney for her “rude” comments about Chloe, who has spoken openly about her insecurities in her body in the past.

One user wrote: “When you realize that Courtney is a villain.”

While many others agreed, writing, “Courtney can only make a difference by being rude to everyone.”

“I’m still surprised they are talking to Courtney. She’s just rude. ”

“I can’t stand her. She would rip out her eyes if anyone told her that. ”

“The trial is funny”

“I despise Courtney. She is tactless and passive-aggressive ”

“So damn toxic”

Several others sympathized with Chloe due to her sister’s harsh words referencing her struggles with weight.

“Chloe has been ashamed of her body all her fucking life and it’s so sad.”

“And they wonder why the girl has body problems.”


Meanwhile, just a few days ago, fans urged Hulu to cancel the new Kardashian show after Khloe’s old “racist” clip reappeared.

In an old scene, the reality TV star spoke to protect her sister Kim after trolls accused her of appropriating black culture.

Offering a response to the haters, Chloe said, “Fact with the hashtag, my baby is black.

Hashtag: I only like black dicks. That’s what I would say. ”

The TV host then seemed to use the n-word when describing some of the name-calling she gets from fans.

After a Twitter user re-shared old clip on the platform, fans rushed to plead with Hulu to “cancel” their new show.

“Expensive @ hulu“If you continue to support the Kardashian family and provide them with a platform, I will cancel your service,” one of them wrote in a comment received RadarOnline

“I will never put up with the racism or bullying that the Kardashian / Jenner family continues to perpetuate,” they added, before closing down with hashtags: “#boycotthulu” and “#cancelkardashians”.

The second agreed: “They need to be canceled !! Why did Hulu even bother to prolong the life of this show ??

“It’s culturally insensitive and out of sync with social change. The whole family is a group of culture vultures … I’m above them !! ”

Another complained, “Oh my gosh no! Why didn’t I know about it? ”

Sports reporter Chris Williamson stepped in to say, “Chloe Deff casually uses the n-word when cameras aren’t working.”

“Chloe really had the nerve to say [sic] she so casually loves black cock and the H word. And you know it’s an old clip because it was 25 faces ago, but she still looked like a solid 50 and every day, ”another slammed.

The finale ranted: “Why is no one talking about the fact that Khloe Kardashian said a word with the letter” H “with a hard” P “in KUWTK ??!?”


Despite Khloe’s controversial past, Hulu is planning on releasing the newest reality show, Kardashian.

Following the announcement of the project in September, the network has seen rapid turnover and the show is due out in the next few weeks.

The new series, which is scheduled to premiere in late January and early February, follows the end of Keeping Up With the Kardashians 15 years later.

Chloe recently received backlash from fans after a


Chloe recently received backlash from fans after a “racist” clip re-emerged from the show.1 credit

Critics rallied to cancel Kardashian's new Hulu show over old video


Critics rallied to cancel Kardashian’s new Hulu show over old video1 credit

The show is scheduled to premiere on the platform from late January to early February.


The show is scheduled to premiere on the platform from late January to early February.Credit: YouTube
Khloe Kardashian was criticized for “repeatedly using KKK as a highlight” as she was called “racist” for her past behavior

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