Kourtney Kardashian indulges in hot cocoa and cheese paste as fans think she’s pregnant with Travis Barker’s child

COURTNEY The Kardashians’ eating habits are further fueling rumors that she is pregnant with Travis Barker’s baby, as the star moves away from a strict diet in favor of sugary treats like hot cocoa and cheese paste.

The reality TV star and rocker got engaged in October.


Kourtney Kardashian sparked pregnancy rumors when she wrote about sweet treatsCredit: Instagram
During her escape with Travis Barker, she dabbled in cheese paste.


During her escape with Travis Barker, she dabbled in cheese paste.Credit: Instagram @kourtneykardash

Courtney fanned the flames when she posted Story and Poosh on Instagram mail about her “homemade hot cocoa recipe”.

Later that day, she shared a photo of the cheese pasta.

The former Keeping Up With The Kardashians star captioned a photo posted on her Instagram story: “TREAT YOURSELF, don’t kid yourself.”

She then referred to Push’s article on “cheat days” during the holidays.

Fans seem to have admitted that such food reports are a bit out of character for Kourtney.

“Great pictures, have you ever seen you eat so much food?” One fan noted.

Looks like pasta was something Courtney enjoyed while hanging out with Travis.

The couple took the time to go out and enjoy Montecito, California, where they got engaged back in October.


Whether she was pregnant or not, the trip looked extremely romantic.

Courtney shared a series of shots showing the posh hotel they were staying at, videos from their rainy trip, and a photo of the sexy underwear she packed with her.

The underwear included a black sheer top with red hands covering the top and red feathers around the bottom.

She also photographed the starry sky above the beach.

Courtney signed the message: “All night long …”

Fans were happy for Courtney and Travis, with one comment: “You guys love high school.”

Another fan wrote, “She’s literally living her best life.”

The third intervened: “Enjoy, God gave this to you because you deserve it. You are a wonderful woman”.


The couple were spotted during the trip.

Photos of a couple strolling along the beach near the Rosewood Hotel have emerged.

They watched Kristen Bell Tattoosset with drinks in hand.

They wore identical black outfits: Courtney opted for a leather cape, chunky combat style boots, and square sunglasses.

Travis wore an embroidered skeleton jacket over his sweatshirt.

During the same trip, Courtney and Travis were spotted enjoying ice cream and caramel at Oliver’s of Montecito, the same place where Pusha’s founder ordered the cheese pasta.

Travis is one of several men that Courtney has been involved with since she split from Scott Disick, with whom she has three children.

However, he is the first man with whom she became seriously involved at that time.

Rumors of pregnancy have been circulating for a while, amplifying every time Courtney writes about unhealthy food.

The couple returned to where they got engaged in October.


The couple returned to where they got engaged in October.Credit: Instagram
At that time, they met for less than a year.


At that time, they met for less than a year.Credit: @ clemente_310 / Instagram
The couple spent their relationship on the PDA.


The couple spent their relationship on the PDA.Credit: Instagram
Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker spend time on the same beach where they got engaged

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