Kourtney Kardashian rarely peeks into $9 million mansion in new photos after famous family was called ‘deaf’

KOURTNEY Kardashian has rarely looked into her $9 million mansion in new photos after the famous family was called ‘deaf’.

Kourtney’s sisters Kim Kardashian, 41, and Kylie Jenner, 24, have recently come under fire for being “out of the loop” as they continue to spend wildly and flaunt their wealth.


Kourtney Kardashian gave fans a peek inside her house during breakfast.Credit: INSTAGRAM/courtneykardash
Fans Call Kourtney's Sisters Deaf


Fans Call Kourtney’s Sisters Deaf1 credit

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum posted a photo from her $9 million home to her Instagram stories.

In the photo, Courtney Rain’s youngest son, age seven, is eating a later morning breakfast in the comfort of his home.

Kourtney, 43, shares Rain, as well as her eldest son Mason, 12, and daughter Penelope, 10, with ex Scott Disick, 39.

The image shows the youngest Poosh founder eating Mickey Mouse pancakes while his mom adorned the device with a heart-shaped emoji.

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Kourtney later shared the unfortunate results of a floor-level breakfast when she posted a photo of the accidental spill.

She took a picture of her white carpet stained with syrup.

Courtney shared a photo of a carpet stained with syrup.


Courtney shared a photo of a carpet stained with syrup.Credit: INSTAGRAM/courtneykardash

Her signature read: “Syrup on the carpet.” followed by several crying emoji suggesting that she was distraught from the accident.

It’s unclear whether Rain or his mom was at fault, or how exactly the spill happened, as the mother of three didn’t go into details.

The Los Angeles native also gave fans a glimpse of the exterior of her Calabasas home when she shared a photo of Penelope and Rain riding outside on a mini quad bike.

Courtney captured a brick and stone building surrounded, if not covered, by lush green vegetation.


The TV presenter’s stepdaughter Alabama Barker, who she now shares with Travis Barker, also shares views inside the house.

Earlier this week, Alabama invited fans to Kourtney and Travis’ lavish dining room.

The teenager posted a video of her entering a room with a giant table that can easily fit ten people.

The table decor follows a simple black and white motif with a variety of dishes placed in the center of the table, allowing food to be chosen.

Alabama is heard saying, “It’s so beautiful!”

Courtney's living room


Courtney’s living room1 credit
Courtney's Home Gym


Courtney’s Home GymCredit: Instagram/@courtneykardash


While Kourtney and crew continue to show off their $9 million mansion, Kim has come under fire for taking a minute-long flight in her expensive private jet.

On Tuesday, Kim took to her Instagram stories to share a meme about rising gas prices.

It states, “Because of the rise in gas prices, the man hanging from the passenger side of his best friend’s car is no longer a sucker, but a man making sound financial decisions.”

Kim added an emoji depicting tears and laughter to her post.

However, fans aren’t surprised that so many are slapping her crack on Reddit.

One commenter joked, “Girl, you don’t think about gas prices… you think about jet fuel prices.”

Another critic wrote, “The irony is that this comes from a supposed billionaire who flaunts his wealth and money and constantly refuels a private jet … this is so not sincere.”

A third wrote: “This makes climate change real.”

Someone else added, “Mmmmmmm……… is she trying to be intimate?”

A fifth critic complained, “Kimberly, your family flies a plane in 30 minutes by car, your ass doesn’t give a damn about gas prices.”

In recent weeks, the Kardashians have been arrested for using a private jet.


In April, Kim faced backlash after she decided to take a 17-minute flight in her private jet — a total of 35 miles.

Fans noted that the aircraft reportedly produces an alarming 2 tons of CO2 emissions during this short trip.

According to online flight trackersa brisk walk between two neighboring Southern California cities cost about 145 gallons of jet fuel and cost $914.

On Reddit, fans were stunned that a Hulu star made such an environmentally damaging trip.

“Camarillo to Van Nuys is a 40-60 minute drive,” wrote one person. “If she really needed to save that time, a helicopter would be more than enough.”

“Flying is one of the worst things you can do to the planet.

“Why don’t people tell them about the impact they are having on the climate crisis?”

However, one fan had enough: “I never want Kim to write anything about our climate. What a disgusting display.”


Sister Kylie has also come under fire for flaunting her wealth and ignoring climate issues after posting a photo of her posing in front of private jets.

The drama began after she shared a black and white A photo she and Travis Scott, 31, pose together.

The couple appear to be kissing in the photo while standing in front of two private jets and an expensive car.

The mom of two captioned the post: “Do you want to take mine or yours?”

Fans amused themselves in the comments, scolding the star for flaunting her wealth.

One commenter joked, “This post just called me poor,” while another joked, “Global warming for whom?”

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Someone else joked: “Why are you so flex?? #poorlivesmatter.

The fourth critical comment was: “Whose plan are we to pollute the earth today?”

Kourtney Kardashian gave fans a peek into her fully stocked fridge.


Kourtney Kardashian gave fans a peek into her fully stocked fridge.Credit: Instagram/Benny Drama
kitchen courtney


kitchen courtneyCredit: Instagram/Benny Drama
Kourtney Kardashian with her two youngest, Penelope and Rain


Kourtney Kardashian with her two youngest, Penelope and RainCredit: Instagram/Kourtney Kardashian

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