Kourtney Kardashian sits on Travis Barker’s lap during a family boat trip after the kids begged their mom to stop the CCP

KOURTNEY Kardashian continues to “excessively” CCP even as the kids beg their mother to stop.

Kourtney was photographed kneeling with her husband Travis Barker on a yacht this weekend in Italy.


Kourtney Kardashian sits on her husband Travis Barker’s lap aboard a yacht in Portofino, Italy.1 credit
Courtney and Travis have been criticized throughout their relationship for excessive and uncomfortable displays of public affection.


Courtney and Travis have been criticized throughout their relationship for excessive and uncomfortable displays of public affection.1 credit

The couple visits Portofino to celebrate their third wedding, this time in the presence of each other’s family.

On a yacht carrying the newlyweds and their children for lunch at San Fruttuoso Abbey, Courtney, 43, was pictured wearing a black mini dress and veil, sitting comfortably on her man’s lap.

46-year-old Travis, apparently forgetting about the rules of decency, gropes his wife’s ass and thighs even in the presence of their children.

Kourtney has three children: Mason, 12, Penelope, nine, and Rain, seven, with ex Scott Disick.

Inside Kourtney and Travis' pre-wedding dinner, decorated with flowers and lemon
Kim stuns in a sheer black dress while Kourtney dons a gothic veil for a yacht party.

Travis has three children of his own: Landon, 18, Alabama, 16, and stepdaughter Atiana De La Hoya, 23.

The topic of Kourtney and Travis’ constant PDA has been a subject of disgust and discussion among the couple’s children and Kardashian fans.


On the latest episode of Kardashian, Kourtney was seen playing ping pong in the games room with Penelope and Rain.

When Travis entered the room, she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the lips.

Penelope looked at them in horror and screamed, “Mom! No kissing!”

Courtney laughed and said, “Only one,” to which Penelope repeated, “No!”

Then her mother asked, “What about [the] the certificates you gave us?”

Her middle child again firmly said, “No.”

Later in the episode, the couple had dinner with their children Penelope, Rain, Landon, Alabama, and Atiana.

In the middle of the meal, the lovers leaned in for a slow kiss, prompting Rain to moan in frustration, “Wow, I’m going to die.”

He then pleaded, “Ugh, guys. Can’t you French kiss again? Could you guys not French kiss.”

Travis and Courtney reluctantly broke away laughing at each other, with the rocker saying, “No French kissing, baby.”


Viewers criticized the couple’s PDA on Reddit, writing, “It really bothers me that kids are begging their mother to set boundaries!

“I actually think Kourtney and Travis are a sweet couple, except for all the cringing CCPs and the lack of respect for the people who have to see it.

Another added, “Penelope banning Kort and Travis from kissing makes me second-hand embarrassed because why would your child tell you there is no CCP?”

A third wrote: “I think I’ve done everything with Kourtney, I can’t look at the shit between her and Travis.”

They were criticized earlier this month for making “raw” sexual comments in front of a nurse.

The couple made suggestive remarks about Travis putting his sperm in a sample dish during a visit to a fertility doctor for egg retrieval.

On a previous episode of The Kardashians, the couple faced backlash for training in front of a realtor while on a house tour.

In this scene, they went to inspect a mansion that they could potentially move into in the future.

When they got to the huge backyard, the rocker sat down on the couch and beckoned Courtney onto his lap.

When the realtor was standing just a few meters away, Courtney straddled the musician and put her arms around his neck.

Travis grabbed her ass with both hands before playing with the buttons on the front of her mini dress.


Sources recently revealed what the former Kardashian actually thinks about Kourtney Kardashian’s incessant PDA with her husband Travis.

Scott Disick, 38, finds their excessive kissing sessions “uncomfortable,” a source said. us weekly.

“Of course Scott is uncomfortable. He doesn’t waste time watching full episodes, and why would he? He doesn’t need it,” they explained.

“This is the last thing he wants to do, go through awkward moments with him, Travis and Kourtney. He’s already been through it.”

The informant continued, “He showed up and gave the cameras what they wanted and ended up getting a good paycheck.”

Although Scott insisted that he was happy for the newlyweds, the insider admitted that the transition was still difficult.

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“He turns away whenever he is near them when they kiss. It’s embarrassing and Travis and Courtney act like no one is in the room when they’re together.

“Scott is a CCP freak but would never put his exes in such an awkward position,” they added.

Kourtney Kardashian sits on Travis Barker's lap with daughter Penelope, niece Stormi and mother Kris present.


Kourtney Kardashian sits on Travis Barker’s lap with daughter Penelope, niece Stormi and mother Kris present.1 credit
Travis Barker kisses wife Courtney on the dock in Portofino, Italy.


Travis Barker kisses wife Courtney on the dock in Portofino, Italy.1 credit
On Kanye's advice, Blink-182 drummer licks wife Kourtney Kardashian's face while preparing for her wedding in Italy.


On Kanye’s advice, Blink-182 drummer licks wife Kourtney Kardashian’s face in preparation for their wedding in Italy.1 credit

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