Kris Jenner reveals if she’s secretly married to Corey Gamble after daughter Khloe confronts her in a Hulu show recap.

Kris Jenner has revealed whether she secretly married boyfriend Corey Gamble after Khloe confronts her in a preview of the Kardashians Hulu show.

Kris, 66, was previously married to Robert Kardashian for 13 years and Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce, for 24 years.


Kris Jenner denies secretly marrying boyfriend Corey Gamble during interrogation of daughter Chloe1 credit
Khloe Kardashian believes Kris is lying and claims several people have told her otherwise.


Khloe Kardashian believes Kris is lying and claims several people have told her otherwise.1 credit

In the Kardashians commercial, Khloe Kardashian, 37, asks her mother about rumors that Kris secretly married Corey Gamble, 41, while the couple were having lunch.

The clip begins with Chloe stating, “Mom, I’ve heard from so many people that you’re secretly married.”

Chris replies with a patented smirk, “No, I’m not secretly married.”

Her daughter, not convinced, asks to see her hands, to which the mother only holds out her left hand.

Chris shows off his
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“Hmmm, looks like it,” Chloe says, looking at the stone on her mom’s ring finger.

Chris laughs it off and asks, “Do you think I’ll get married and not have a big party?”

“A thousand percent,” Chloe states, then explains, “I think you guys are just going to slip by.”

As if you’re confirming her point, Chloe adds, “I’ve heard from four people.”

Chris then looks her daughter in the eye and says, “No Chloe, I’m secretly single.”

She adds a cherry to the top, adding, “I swear to God. To all my kids and dad,” while maintaining his famous smirk.

Chloe concedes cautiously, “Okay.”

Fans rushed to the comments section of the video to give their opinion on Khloe’s claim that Kris had eloped.

One fan wrote: “I’ve been saying for a year that she and Corey are secretly married.”

Another added: “Do you think Chris is going to tell the truth ON CAMERA?! This whole family is sealed like Fort Knox when it comes to secrets they don’t want the world to know.”

A third person agreed with momager, who wrote, “Kris is definitely going to have a big wedding!”

Other fans cared less about the secret wedding and just wanted to give their opinion on Kris.

“I love Kris Jenner. Literally everything!” commented one person.

A second wrote: “There’s something about the way Chris speaks so softly and the warmth that’s always there when she talks about their dad that touches my heart every time.”


Recently, fans have taken notice of another intimate moment between Kris and Khloe as some have been confused as to why Kris is hanging out naked with Khloe.

During the episode, Khloe stops by Kris’ house before the recording of the Kardashian Masterclass.

She saw herself filling her mother’s bath in a luxurious tub, filling it to the top with bubbles and water.

“I will prepare a bath for her,” she says. “I have to make sure there are a lot of bubbles so we don’t piss anyone off.”

In confession, Chris says: “It’s very nice to have a neighbor with whom I’m in love.”

Chris enters the bathroom in a silk robe with feathers.

She holds a martini glass in one hand, wearing diamonds.

After a brief conversation with Chloe, she sends the cameras out of the room, undresses, and climbs into the bath to get rid of her problems.

Fans seemed to think there was something weird about the mom getting naked with her daughter, though it didn’t look like the duet was staged.


On the other hand, Kardashian fans speculate that Kris Jenner broke up with her boyfriend Corey Gamble after he was nowhere to be seen during daughter Kourtney Kardashian’s Italian wedding.

Kardashian boys Pete Davidson, Travis Scott, Tristan Thompson, Kanye West and Scott Disick were also absent from the wedding.

While fans could come up with a reasonable explanation for the absence of the others, while Corey’s sudden absence left the fans buzzing.

Kardashian fans immediately took to Reddit when one of them started the thread by posting a photo of Corey and Kris holding hands.

They signed it: “What’s going on?”

Another fan responded, “We know they had dinner at Giorgio Baldi’s on May 15th.”

The fan continued to speculate: “Did they suddenly break up? Corey loves to have fun, he won’t miss a wedding for anything.”

A third fan asked, “Where’s Corey?”

However, a fourth responded and contributed theories: “You need to be encouraged to go to Italy, so maybe he’s not vaccinated?”

A fifth fan mused on the absence of other Kardashian men: “Pete. We know he’s been busy.

“Travis [Scott]. I think that he prefers his relationship only with Kylie and that he does not want to interfere in family matters.

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“Tristan. There is no need to say more.”

Although the same fan demanded: “But Corey? What happened? I need to know!”

Kris Jenner swears by 'daddy' to daughter that she didn't secretly marry boyfriend Corey Gamble.


Kris Jenner swears by ‘daddy’ to daughter that she didn’t secretly marry boyfriend Corey Gamble.1 credit
Chris and Corey Gamble photographed together at the Met Gala 2022.


Chris and Corey Gamble photographed together at the Met Gala 2022.1 credit
Kris Jenner attends daughter Kourtney Kardashian's wedding without Corey


Kris Jenner attends daughter Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding without CoreyCredit: krisjenner/instagram

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