Kris Jenner ‘uses daughter Kylie Stormy’ to deflect Andy Cohen’s question about Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s romance

ONLY, as it seemed, Kris Jenner was finally going to break her silence about her opinion on the new romance of Kim Kardashian’s daughter with Pete Davidson, little Stormy saved her day.

Mommaer Chris was a guest at Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper’s New Years event via videophone from her home.


Stormy had the perfect time to take her mind off her mom’s question.Credit: CNN.
Chris was asked what she thinks about the union of Pete and Kim


Chris was asked what she thinks about the union of Pete and KimCredit: Instagram / Flavor Flav.

Andy asked her what she thought of them as a couple, but before she could answer, daughter Kylie thwarted the interview.

“This is little Stormy,” Chris explained to the host. “Hello Stormy!”

Then a three-year-old girl climbed onto her grandmother’s lap and passed the camera.

When Chris smiled and laughed, she realized that the photobomb was exactly what she needed to avoid the question.

“Good distraction! Good time, Stormy, ”Chris joked as the toddler jumped up. “Ideally. Just at the signal. “

At this time, the time for the interview was up, and Chris was still unable to share her opinion.


But while Chris left without answering, other sources say Kim and Pete’s union is “going amazingly.”

Kim and Pete have grown closer as they vacationed in Los Angeles for several days on vacation. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum reportedly met the comic strip at the Beverly Hills Hotel for a weekend lunch.

The couple were also recently spotted on Staten Island in a movie as they continue to prove she’s willing to walk away from her ex-husband Kanye West, 44.

She even has an invitation to join him in Miami on New Years Eve.

One source said Hollywoodlife:

“As the New Year approaches, he has already asked Kim to join him in Miami, and it is possible that they may show up together when the ball hits a special event.

“He leaves everything in her hands, whether she wants to join or not, the invitation has been made.”


Meanwhile Momager Chris reflects on other key moments of the past year, talking about Instagram: “As I enter the new year, I remember everything that we celebrated with the whole family last year, as well as the problems we faced.

“It’s no coincidence that my best Instagram posts in 2021 are about celebrating… celebrating my children’s birthdays, my grandchildren’s birthdays, Mother’s Day and, of course, our engagement!

“I am reminded that the most important moments in life are special moments that we share with each other, celebrating love, life, health and happiness … things that we can often take for granted in our daily life. … “

She continued, “Every day is a blessing. Every birthday is a gift. Every day we say “I love you” to our family members, every night we say goodbye to our loved ones, every morning we wake up and do what we love, surrounded by those we love. “

Matriarch Kardashian then thought about some of the challenges over the past year, adding, “This year has had its challenges, as inevitably always happens, but we lean on each other to overcome the lows and come together to celebrate success.

“Thank you for being with us. You all mean more to us than we will ever know, and I pray that you will find many reasons to celebrate in 2022!

“I am sending you so much love !! Happy New Year!!!!”

Stormy climbed into her grandmother's lap during an interview with CNN


Stormy climbed into her grandmother’s lap during an interview with CNNCredit: CNN.
Pete and Kim's relationship grows over the holiday


Pete and Kim’s relationship grows over the holidayCredit: Rex
Pete even invited Kim to spend time with him and Miley Cyrus in Miami.


Pete even invited Kim to spend time with him and Miley Cyrus in Miami.Credit: Getty

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