Kristin Davis is Tired of Social Media Criticism Over Her Looks — She Knew

Kristin Davis Sarah is joining Jessica Parker in calling out on social media Double standards when it comes to women and aging, Why HBO Max doesn’t have female stars sex and the City Allowed to have wrinkle or some gray hair in reboot? No one is criticizing any of their male stars in this way.

Davis does not understand the level of scrutiny of women And just like that…, and says The Sunday Times style magazine That cruel comments made her “angry”. She explained, “Its intensity level was a shock. I get angry and I don’t want to feel angry all the time so I don’t see it, I know it’s there. It marked his return to a series that is beloved by cast and fans alike, even though he first tolerated rude comments about his “pear shape”.

The actress revealed, “It will put a lot of pressure on me because I couldn’t escape it. I feel like it’s still there.” But she’s at a point where she’s not going to take it anymore – she has. “But I also think — I’m going to be blunt — I’m like, ‘F**k u. F**k you guys, like, come here and do it better,'” he added. “You know what I mean? Like, what are you doing?” And she’s not the only one on her show speaking out about it.

After looking absolutely glamorous with her gray hair on the December 2021 cover of the trend, Parker was disappointed by the “misogynist chatter” about her hair color because it “Never. Be. About. A man.” The social media commentary also bothered her as she loves the freedom of aging gracefully, so she doesn’t understand why others care so much about her looks. “It almost seems as if people don’t want to be totally fine with where we are as if they almost enjoy being who we are today, whether we naturally choose to age and not look perfect, Or do you do something if that makes you feel better,” she explained.

With ageism becoming a hot topic in Hollywood (Paulina Porizkova is ready to start a riot), it is time to start giving some support to women because old age is a privilege.

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