Kristin Quinn Reveals ‘Selling Sunset’ Editing Secrets And Salary Details In ‘Call Her Daddy’ Interview

Christine Quinn spills everything Sale Sunsetsecrets.

During an interview on call her papa On Wednesday (May 18), the 33-year-old reality TV star spoke to the host Alex Cooper on the hit Netflix series, sharing new details on cast salaries, editing techniques and whether she’ll be back for Season 6.

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Christine claimed that there were “six full-time storyboarders” whose job it was to help create drama for the show.

“We come on stage and they want everything to be – I can’t even say that word without laughing – organically,” she said in an interview. “They literally alienate us from each other. Chelsea [Lazkani] and I’m best friends Vanessa [Villela] and I’m best friends. So we get to the set and they take us to different rooms and then they wait until we’re ready to shoot and send us inside. Christine just said that about you in the previous scene and they will come to me [and say]’Chelsea said it about you [in] previous scenes. So they create these scripts that deliberately evoke our emotions. But I’ve been doing the show for four years now. I have five seasons, so I know how it works.”

She went on to discuss actors’ salaries, revealing Alex that she was the highest paid person on the show.

“After that, they will sue me. I don’t care. You can’t afford my lawyers. …There are three different levels. Christine said. “I get paid the most. Jason too. … My entertainment lawyer, you know, mostly [said] that’s my value, and I think it’s all about recognizing your value.”

Later in an interview, the reality TV star showed a clip from the show in which she was talking to a co-star. Heather Ray Young, claiming it was edited in the post. In the clip, it seemed like Heather was being dubbed to say, “You said comments about Crischell [Stause] sleep with Jason [Oppenheim] when she was still married, and you know that is nonsense … Christine then seemed to reply, “Oh my God, that’s fun, I actually said it.”

Heather never even mentioned it on stage.” Christine supposed. She followed up her statement by sharing a clip that ended up streaming on Netflix in which Heather said, “You said he always had good taste in women, but I don’t think that’s true, you know.” Christinethe response – “Oh my God, this is fun, I really said it” – was a response to this quote.

She added, “You see two scenes and the first scene they were going to send out to the whole world accused me of confirming the infidelity, which was dubbed by the production. Heather never told me that.”

Christine also claimed that she was not fired from The Oppenheim Group as fans saw on the show, but that she actually left the brokerage to start her own company.

“I told the producers I was going to get on with it, I said, ‘Look, I’m leaving The Oppenheim Group, you guys know that. So let’s get creative with the storylines and let me talk about my own brokerage business,” she said. “Which they completely cut because it’s an awkward storyline. It’s not fun.”

She went on to say that the storyline involving her alleged bribe was a response to her departure, which “really annoyed” her. “I had no idea what was going on until people sent me clips. And I was terrified,” she explained.

Christine the show’s producers yelled, suggesting they were “manipulating” and “oppressing” women to create more drama.

“I know how it works, I don’t take anything [the producers] I speak with my heart, but new girls are coming, she said. “But they do everything they can to stir up the girls, to make them angry.”

“This is an industry dominated by men in manufacturing, in which they manipulate women, harass them, just psychologically torture and intimidate,” she added.

Earlier this week, Christine found out if she would return to Sale Sunset Season 6

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