Krystal Hefner Celebrates Getting Rid Of “Whole Fake Body”

Krystal Hefner took to Instagram to celebrate her “real” after removing “everything fake from my body.”

And now she has set herself a “mission – to try to help” others, where possible.

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Perhaps you know Crystal Hefner for one thing …


The model worked as a model for Playboy for several years and even married Playboy founder Hugh Hefner in 2012.

The couple were married for several years until Hugh sadly passed away in 2017.

After the death of her late husband, Crystal had plenty of time to reflect on her true self.

And it seems that she is ready to share it …

Krystal took to Instagram to celebrate her “real” after she removed “all fake” from her body and changed her image.

And this is the decision for which she was praised …

Heading to Instagram, Krystal revealed in a long caption that she “removed all the fake from my body and deleted all my old photos.”

“After the last few years, staying true to myself on social media, I feel that all the people here with me at the moment really care and put a positive attitude into my life, and for that I thank you,” she began. letter.

Crystal explained that “in five years” her Instagram account “went from not always safe to work posts to my REAL safe posts to work life.”

She described herself as “living for other people before to make others happy,” but now she is “the real me.”

“As many of you know, I gained a lot of fans while working at Playboy,” she continued. “Some of the photos are growing rapidly.”

Admitting that “sex is for sale,” Krystal said she didn’t know “if she felt strength dressing half naked, showing off her cleavage,” or if she just felt like “it was expected of me.”

But now she can “confidently and 100% proud to say that humility is what gives me strength these days, and since I feel so much better on the inside, it probably will be for the rest of my life. “

Describing herself as “more authentic,” “vulnerable,” and “mine,” Krystal revealed that she “took all the fake stuff off my body and deleted all my old photos.”

But that wasn’t without some hesitation, as she said she doubted whether her Instagram account would survive the transition.

Although she first saw the next drop, Krystal explained that “now it has changed,” and her follower count is growing.

“Now my female followers are giving up their money to male followers,” she wrote. “Now I really feel like I have an army of supporters who care and see the real soul behind the lens. For this I thank you. “

Concluding her post, Krystal said that her “mission is to try to help” others and thanked her followers following her for “understanding my past life, my new life, my travels, my health problems, lifestyle life “.

“I hope that all of you can stay true to yourself and what feels right to you, because you get a certain strength that you cannot find anywhere else,” she wrote.

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