Kurt Sutter endowed this Sons of Anarchy character with his personality traits

In the photo posted on his InstagramKurt Sutter revealed that Kim Coates’ character in Sons of Anarchy, Tig Trager, is the character that most accurately reflects his own personality and characteristics. “Tig Trager embodied all my phobias and, dare I say… fetishes. Only eclectic talent #kimcoats can make them organic and very interesting,” he wrote.

Teague is one of the few Sons of Anarchy characters to have experienced a large number of deaths by the end of the show. Once a SAMCRO sergeant, Teague becomes the club’s vice president in season 7. He showed extreme loyalty to the gang, working as a mechanic at the Teller-Morrow auto repair shop and frequently killing people for the club. . Although he was capable of extreme violence – and often enjoyed his role as the club’s guardian – his steely exterior belied hidden depths of sensitivity and love.

When it comes to the phobias that Sutter talks about in his Instagram post, one particular phobia is Tig’s fear of dolls. Sutter himself shares this fear, called pediophobia. “Dolls have always scared me,” he said. Difficult. “I experience some of those fears through some of my characters. I gave Teague’s character the same phobia.”

Overall, Sutter enjoys writing characters with complex connections to law and morality. “The truth is, I’m good at writing damaged characters, and because of that, I’m more drawn to the antihero than the hero,” he said.

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