Kyle and Jackie O pulled off the air due to a technical error on the morning live

KIIS FM listeners were left scratching their heads this morning after the often-controversial Kyle and Jackie O were momentarily taken off the air under mysterious circumstances.

While this certainly wouldn’t be the first time fans have heard a sound announcing that the duo (read: Kyle) has been censored for inappropriate content, and it’s unlikely to be the last time, there was a much simpler explanation this time around.


Someone just pressed the wrong button.

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When the show resumed after a hiatus, a pre-recorded alarm message said, “The station you were listening to has been reset. This means that someone said something inappropriate and is currently in trouble. The broadcast will resume in a few seconds.”

Given that the alarm went off outside of the conversation break, Jackie “O” Henderson was left equally perplexed.

“Um, it was actually a mistake,” she began.


“I don’t know why it happened. But now we are no more… What the hell is going on there?” she exclaimed as another random beep sounded.

“(We are no longer) delayed, just so you know, so we won’t be honked for anything,” she continued.


“Nothing can be honked, I don’t know what we should do in this situation,” added the 47-year-old co-host of Sandilands, who simply replied: “What do you mean? We just carry on as usual, who cares.”

Issuing a warning about the upcoming australian idol host Scott Tweedy, who was waiting in the wings to be interviewed as the chaotic moment unfolded, Jackie joked, “Hey Scott, be good, that’s all I want to say.”

Thankfully, the incident was quickly resolved, unlike the same time in August, when listeners had to endure 7 seconds of confusion due to a technical problem.

The duo were interviewing comedian and actor Jim Jefferies around 9:30 am when the seven-second hold-one-note signal sounded.

When the pair finally returned to the air, Jackie O revealed that Kyle swore by explaining to listeners what her co-host said to “the harmonica boy.” [Jefferies] to “turn off” and then all of a sudden the horn button got stuck,” she said.

When the producers tried to “peep” the expletive, the button stuck for seven seconds, which explained the drawn-out tone.

Although the show resumed as normal, Jackie once again advised that the couple should continue to perform live and without delay.

“No more delays guys, so I’m super nervous with both Jim and Kyle live,” she said.

Last week Sandilands and fellow judges Meghan Trainor, Amy Shark and Harry Connick Jr found themselves at the center of backlash around the show for its lack of diversity.

Sandilands was previously a judge on australian idol while it still aired on Channel 10, but was fired in 2009 after a stunt on his radio show in which a rape survivor interrogated live on air about her s*xual history.

The frustrated teen began to cry at the interrogation and revealed that she was raped when she was 12, to which Sandilands responded, “Right…that’s the only experience you’ve had?”

Most recently, in August, the new pope received scathing from an LGBTQ health authority for his “offensive” comments about monkeypox, calling the virus a “big gay disease.”

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