Kylie Jenner fans spotted the photo she gave birth to on Instagram

Kylie Jenner’s naughty fans are convinced that the makeup artist and reality TV star gave birth to their second child after they spotted the “clue.”

Kylie Jenner’s fans are convinced that they have noticed the third “evidence” that she secretly gave birth to her second child.

Followers of the heavily pregnant reality TV star have been on the lookout for “hints” of a baby as the 24-year-old woman approaches her due date.

And on Wednesday, fans made sure Kylie’s new short nails were an indication that she had given birth. The sun reports.

The mother of one child is known for her long, showy nails, but showed off a much shorter French manicure on Instagram.

Nail artist Lisa Cohn shared a photo of Kylie’s nails on social media and wrote, “Kylie Jenner chose a classic French manicure to celebrate the New Year.”

One fan shared a post on Reddit and suggested, “It’s definitely ‘I’ll have newborn nails.”

Another agreed: “Yes! Assuming it helps change diapers and stuff, long acrylics are like a scratch waiting in the wings. “

“Wow, that’s short for Kylie. Most likely, because she had a child, ”wrote the third.

Earlier this week, fans thought they had spotted another clue when they spotted the baby bottle in Travis Barker’s Instagram story.

More “tips”

Rocker – Kylie’s sister Courtney’s fiancé – shared a snapshot in which he watched the holiday classics. How the Grinch Stole Christmaswhere a half full bottle was visible in the foreground.

A few days earlier, the following Kylie thought they had spotted another possible piece of evidence in the family video.

In Khloe’s Instagram story, the kids of the reality TV clan, including daughter Khloe Tru, daughter Kim Kardashian Chicago and son Saint, and girl Kylie chase Santa Claus at a family Christmas Eve party.

But Stormy was the only one who wore the mask, and some Reddit Fans believe she had a special reason to hide her face.

One user wrote, “My daughter had a theory that Kylie had a baby because Stormy is the only one in the photo wearing a mask?!?”

Baby, no 2

Kylie, who shares Stormy with boyfriend Travis Scott, announced in August that she and the rapper are expecting their second child together.

They have yet to reveal the baby’s gender or Kylie’s due date, although a source previously said. The sun that it should take place in early 2022.

This time, the young mother spoke more openly about her pregnancy, hiding her pregnancy from Stormi for the entire nine months.

Earlier this month, Kylie celebrated her pregnancy with a private baby shower at Chloe’s new Hidden Mills mansion for $ 37 million (AU $ 51 million).

The makeup mogul has been joined by family and close friends to honor her baby-to-be.

The party was reportedly low-key as only siblings, nieces, nephews and close friends of the TV host were invited to attend.

In accordance with TMZChloe provided a massage parlor, various guest treats and tents covering the dining area for privacy.

This article first appeared on The sun and was reproduced with permission

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