Kylie Jenner is having a major photoshop failure in a photo in a sexy swimsuit as fans have noticed that a body part has been erased.

Kylie Jenner has been accused of photoshopping her latest swimsuit pictorial as fans noticed her knees were cut off.

The 24-year-old reality TV star showed off her curves in a purple crocheted jumpsuit to promote the new collection of her skincare line.



Kylie Jenner has been accused of photoshopping this photo as fans claimed her knees were worn off.1 credit
She posed for a new collection of her skin care line.


She posed for a new collection of her skin care line.1 credit

Kylie wowed in a one-shoulder swimsuit and perspex heels in one photo and posed with a close-up of a lavender bouquet.

The mother-of-two captioned the snaps: “Introducing our NEW lavender collection.

“Sooo obsessed with these lavender-infused beauty products.”

While the beauty mogul looked stunning on set, her critics couldn’t help but notice that her legs were heavily airbrushed.

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In the pictures, her knees seemed to have been filtered and smoothed so that they had no shape or definition.


After the snap was posted to Reddit, one critic asked, “Where are her knees?”

Another wrote, “This is even more edited than usual,” while a third wrote, “Her legs are photoshopped to oblivion.”


Kylie came under fire again last week when she was accused of using close-up glamor photography to promote her makeup line.

Kardashian fans claimed that she had noticeably darker skin in the picture, showing off a deep tan and slicked back hair.

She framed her eyes with bold purple eyeshadow and used purple-brown on her lips.

Unlike her older siblings, Kylie does not have Armenian roots. She is the second daughter of Caitlin and Kris Jenner.

Chris is of English, Irish, Dutch, German and Scottish ancestry. Show business cheat sheet.

Caitlin, a former Olympian, is of Canadian and Welsh ancestry and, like Chris, traces her ancestry to England, Ireland, Scotland and Holland.


Kylie has been accused of “black fishing,” which means someone pretending to be black or mixed-race, using things like hair and makeup.

Journalist Vanna Thompson coined the term and described it as “white public figures, influencers, etc. [who] doing everything in their power to appear black.”

Kylie’s critics lambasted her for the “disturbing” photo and said she was “robbing minorities”.

One wrote: “This is not normal…she is a white girl. This is black fishing. I might not know it’s Kylie if it wasn’t for this sub. Someone stop her.”

Another added: “What is killing me is the strategic planning of all this. The art director, makeup artist, and photographer got together and consciously decided, “OK, we’ll try to make you look biracial/Hispanic, etc.” this look. And then the collective agreement!!”

A third wrote: “She really wants to be a non-white woman, and it’s frankly unsettling.”

Another user commented: “Find another minority to rob from.”


This isn’t the first time Kylie has been accused of black fishing.

Back in October, she and her sister Kendall came under fire for showing off significantly darker skin on an Instagram story.

A few weeks later, Kylie was once again sporting her olive complexion and tight black braid when filming herself in the car.

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The reality TV star has shared a more outspoken side of herself since giving birth to her second child, a son, in February.

Kylie showed off her natural skin tone while preparing for the Met Gala in an unedited YouTube video last week, prompting fans to urge her to stop tanning.

She was accused of catching fish in this photo last week.


She was accused of catching fish in this photo last week.Credit: Instagram/kyliejenner
The 24-year-old showed off her natural skin tone as she prepared for the Met Gala.


The 24-year-old showed off her natural skin tone as she prepared for the Met Gala.Credit: YouTube

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