Kylie Jenner likes her ‘Kylie Baby’ ad with daughter Toofani ‘Scary’

Commenters on social media have given. Kylie Jenner After Reality Star, Side Eye shared a promo clip for their newcomer. Kylie Baby line

The new ad features a businesswoman and her daughter. Storm, Three, wandering in the clouds.

Kylie And her lovely tooth joined hands to connect the pastel pairs before joining the cotton candy.

The clip begins with the pair walking down a large staircase, before reaching the top, where the reality star points to a full carnival for them.

Stormy looks really excited as she sees a pleasant round, ferris wheel and hot air balloons in the distance.

After changing her chic baby blue dress with matching platform boots, Jenner sat with her little girl in a sequin gown on a ferris wheel.

At one point, she reaches for a cloud, which is made of cotton candy.

In the final seconds of the recording, she and Stormy are shown, which she shares with boyfriend Travis Scott, and jumps on the big pink umbrella bed.

“How cute is this video we shot about a year ago for KYLIE BABY!” He titled the video on his Instagram account. “4 more days to start my new Clean Baby Care line at 9.28.”

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Earlier this week, Kylie said her brand would be a “use for all mothers” because it provides “clean, vegetarian, pediatric tested, hypoallergenic, and sensitive skin and delicate hair extra Designed for maintenance. ”

But some fans were “twisted” by the ad.

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One person commented, “Very weird video is great for strangers.

“Is this some kind of joke? Is it selfish. Shame on your child for doing this.”

A third commented, “The video gave me a heavenly atmosphere, like she and her daughter died and climbed the stairs to the sky and when she was there she saw and searched for all these things. ۔ ”

The fourth commented, “Yeah, Kylie needs to grow up. She’s your baby, not a fashionista.”

But some social media users came to Kylie’s defense.

One comment read, “I don’t care if I think it’s a cute ad. People will hate everything about Carzner.”

Earlier this month, the CEO of Kylie Cosmetics confirmed by uploading a one and a half minute emotional video that she was expecting her second child. Instagram

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15 times we questioned the ways of Kylie Jenner’s parents.

When the news broke that she was giving birth to her first child, she was only 20 years old, and many wondered if the family was too young to start.

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