Kylie Jenner shows off her little son’s Nike sneakers with a mind-blowing price after she was criticized for ‘flaunting’ wealth

Kylie Jenner told fans about expensive sneakers for her newborn son.

Kylie, 24, posted a video to her Instagram stories opening a box of Nike x CACT miniature sneakers.US CORP.


Kylie Jenner once again shared her luxurious lifestyle with fans.
The $150 Nike sneakers were designed by Kylie's baby dad Travis Scott.


The $150 Nike sneakers were designed by Kylie’s baby dad Travis Scott.

Sneakers in earthy brown and tan with orange laces. price tag around $150.

Perfect for her currently unnamed little boy, the pint-sized sneakers were designed by Kylie’s dad Travis Scott.

Scott has been collaborating with Nike over the past few years under his Cactus Jack label, designing not only shoes but clothes for the brand.

His latest collaboration on Nike sneakers was due to be released in December 2021 but was delayed due to the tragedy at his Astroworld music festival that killed 8 people.

Kylie shows off $3,000 worth of accessories after being ripped apart for flaunting her wealth
Kardashian fans praise Kylie for 'natural' look in unedited video


The Kardashian alum has already been accused of flaunting her wealth.

The 24-year-old took to her Instagram stories to share snaps of various items from the luxury brand, including a small neon green handbag that will be coming to the store. $2550.

Kylie also showed off her new quilted leather slippers for the price $750.

The Hulu star even has a pair of her own driving gloves that have her name written on them.

Everything that happened after Kylie shared a photo inside his $207,000 Lamborghini.

The mom-of-two is also seen on Instagram posing with a $210K Birkin bag before boarding her $72M private jet.

“Imagine being so rich that you can just spend $200,000 on a regular bag,” one outraged fan wrote at the time.

“It must be nice to swipe your finger across the screen and never worry about your bank account again.”

Another person added, “… I can’t even imagine paying thousands for a bag… this is pointless and stupid…”

“Keep flaunting your wealth, Kylie is the only thing you know how to do,” added one user.

She also recently flaunted a $5,000 DIOR stroller for her newborn after buying him a Chrome Hearts stroller said to cost $10,000.

DESIGN EXcavations

Kylie has also faced backlash for her incredible designer wardrobe.

“This is where I keep almost all of my wallets,” she once said during a viral YouTube tour of her $12 million mansion, which had many handbags on display.

She added: “I made a small room in my house and I made it all to order so that they all have a small house and are very beautifully lit.”

The four-year-old daughter of the TV star Stormi has also not stayed away from the expensive lifestyle.

The little one recently went shopping with her billionaire mom at Ulta Beauty.

Stormy – in a floral top and adorable pigtails – grabbed a basket of Kylie Cosmetics products at Ulta cosmetics store, as well as saffiano Prada mini bagwhich costs 2.1 thousand dollars.

The makeup mogul wore yellow sunglasses, a matching sun dress, bright yellow nails and pink heels the same color as Stormy’s bag.

“Took my little angel, gorgeous chubby girl to see @kylieskin and @kyliecosmetics in @ultabeauty,” Kylie captioned her post. “still such a dream every time i visit. thanks to the whole ulta team always xx.”

Stormi wore a $2,100 mini bag while shopping.


Stormi wore a $2,100 mini bag while shopping.Credit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner
Kylie posed in front of her $207,000 Lamborghini.


Kylie posed in front of her $207,000 Lamborghini.Credit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner
Kylie has an unnamed boy and a daughter, Stormi.


Kylie has an unnamed boy and a daughter, Stormi.1 credit

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