Kylie Jenner strips for a lake swim NAKED in new video during her luxury vacation in Utah

Kylie Jenner stripped naked while swimming in the lake during her recent vacation.

The reality TV star traveled to Utah with her friends and documented everything on social media.


Kylie Jenner swims naked in a lake while on vacation in Utah.1 credit
Kylie Jenner swims naked in a lake with a male friend


Kylie Jenner swims naked in a lake with a male friend1 credit

Along with a bunch of short clips, Kylie posted two slightly scandalous ones.

At one point, the 24-year-old is swimming in the lake with a male friend, and although he is wearing swimming trunks, she appears naked.

The friends wiggle a bit in the water before it moves on to something else.

The edited video, which is overlaid with music, is captioned: “Don’t forget to make more videos.”

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Kylie Jenner flaunts $2,500 silver rings during luxury getaway in Utah

The video also ends with a naked Kylie in the water.

She rested her head on the edge of the pool and smiled at the camera.

Because her shoulders were bare, Kylie seemed to only be wearing a necklace and nothing else.

Kylie Jenner swam naked in a hotel resort wearing only a necklace


Kylie Jenner swam naked in a hotel resort wearing only a necklace1 credit

In the rest of the video, she hangs out with her friends, spends time on the boat, fishing, coffee and going to bed and enjoying the water.

It’s unclear who made the videos of Kylie that she didn’t film herself.


Judging from Kylie’s Instagram posts, she’s having a great time on this vacation.

On June 6, she posted a photo of herself with a lot of interesting rings on her hands.

The most attractive was a large heart-shaped ring from Ambush, which she wore on the middle finger of her left hand.

This oversized piece could be Kylie’s new favorite, and she had fans dying to know where she got it when she shared a photo of her wearing it last week.

Also on her left hand, the billionaire wore a skull ring with Mickey Mouse ears. costs 320 dollars.

On Kylie’s right hand, everything was simpler: on the index finger was a thin ring of molten metal, and on the ring finger – a silver ribbon with chased details.

While pricing has not been confirmed, the jewelry on her fingers is valued at $2,500.


The founder of Kylie Cosmetics left her little dad and kids at home to enjoy the holidays with friends.

While the getaway is mostly private, she delights fans with photos and videos of the $5K a night getaway.

Kylie is staying at the Amangiri Desert Resort in Canyon Point, Utah.

According to his websiteAmangiri “merges into the pristine red rock, over 900 acres of the vast and majestic Colorado Plateau, a true Wild West.

The resort boasts 34 suites, all of which have private terraces and courtyard entrances.

Luxurious restaurants, private events and a giant swimming pool built into the surrounding rock are just some of the amenities.

The spa has five indoor treatment rooms, two outdoor treatment terraces, a water pavilion and a floating pavilion where guests can relax.

However, if guests want to get away from the hotel and explore nature, there is plenty to do here.

They can go hiking, horseback riding, hot air ballooning, or take a guided walk through carved canyons.

But it seems that the KUWTK graduate divides her time between hiking and relaxing in the pools and on the lake.

She also fell out of the float when she was at the lake with friends.

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In addition to having a good time, Kylie showed off her post-baby body by wearing skin-tight swimsuits.

This led to her assistant calling her “the hottest MILF ever”.

Kylie Jenner fell off her tube while on vacation


Kylie Jenner fell off her tube while on vacation1 credit
Kylie Jenner shows off her post-baby body in a one-piece swimsuit.


Kylie Jenner shows off her post-baby body in a one-piece swimsuit.1 credit
Kylie Jenner enjoyed walking on vacation with friends


Kylie Jenner enjoyed walking on vacation with friends1 credit

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