Kylie Jenner’s ex-girlfriend Tammy Hembrow shows off her curves in lingerie days after giving birth and reveals baby’s unusual name

Tammy Hembrow showed off her incredible curves in lingerie less than a week after giving birth to her third child.

The fitness model, who was once Kylie Jenner’s best friend, wowed with her white lingerie set while cradling her newborn daughter.


Tammy Hembrow showed off her incredible curves in lingerie less than a week after giving birth to her third child.1 credit
The 28-year-old girl in a white bra stunned with her newborn daughter.


The 28-year-old girl in a white bra stunned with her newborn daughter.1 credit
Tammy and Kylie were good friends


Tammy and Kylie were good friends1 credit

Tammy shared her baby’s unusual name with fans, revealing that her baby’s name is “Posy.”

The 28-year-old also revealed details of her “dramatic” birth and said she was “bleeding heavily”.

“Almost a week with my girlfriend Posy, now I feel far from human, but I soak up every second,” she wrote.

“Her delivery was much faster and much more dramatic than we expected and I did have quite a lot of postpartum bleeding but I am so happy that she arrived safely and has had such an amazing experience so far that I will never forget.”

Kylie's ex-girlfriend Tammy shows off her belly in a bra a few days after giving birth
Kylie's pregnant rival Tammy Hembrow poses naked in a thin white sheet.

Tammy added, “(Can’t say I want to do it again anytime soon lol women are incredible).”

The fitness star announced over the weekend that her ‘perfect little girl’ was born in emotional post on instagram.

She revealed that she gave birth during a “non-drug VBA2C (vaginal delivery after two caesarean sections).”

This means that if a person has given birth twice by caesarean section, their doctor may consider vaginal delivery. American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).

Tammy described the third birth as “absolutely the hardest yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.”

In a series of shots, founder Saski held her crying newborn daughter in her arms.

This is her first child with fiancé Matt Poole.

She shares her older children – six-year-old son Wolf and four-year-old daughter Saskia – with her ex-fiance Rhys Hawkins.


While Tammy has been quick to announce her newborn’s name, Kylie has yet to reveal her son’s name – more than four months after his birth.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder first named her son Wolf before dropping the nickname after she was accused of copying the name of Tammy’s eldest child.

After Kylie announced the name change, sources said that she and Travis didn’t like the name Wolf after spending some time with him.

The insider told People: “Kylie and Travis liked Wolf, but after meeting their son, they felt that this name did not suit him.

“They wanted to choose the perfect name that both of them would like.”


Vigilant social media users tried to guess the girl’s nickname from her recent posts.

Fans think Kylie finally let it out. Instagram Scene video from the celebration of Father’s Day.

Kylie took her followers backstage at a party for her little dad, Travis Scott, which featured golden balloons that said, “Happy Dad’s Day.”

In the background of the video next to the table with glasses were easels for crafts and postcards.

There was a drawing on the easel that some fans thought was done by Kylie and Travis’ 4-year-old daughter Stormy.

She drew two stick figures: one named “Dad” and the other “Jacob”.

One fan zoomed in on the image and tweeted, “Looks like Kylie’s son’s name is Jacob.”

The second shared: “Kylie Jenner is so real for ‘Twilight’ if she really moved on from her son Wolf to Jacob.”

Tammy reveals she named her daughter Posie


Tammy reveals she named her daughter Posie1 credit
Kylie has been accused of copying Tammy Wolf's son's name for her own child.


Kylie has been accused of copying Tammy Wolf’s son’s name for her own child.1 credit

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