Kylie Jenner’s pregnant foe Tammy Hembrow shows off her big tummy in shorts and a sports bra as her due date approaches

Kylie Jenner’s nemesis, Tammy Hembrow, showed off her huge tummy as her due date approaches.

The fitness star posed for a series of Instagram shots in a sports bra and petite shorts.


Tammy Hembrow showed her growing belly in new photosCredit: Tammy Hembrow/Instagram
Tammy Hembrow is expecting her third child any day


Tammy Hembrow is expecting her third child any dayCredit: Tammy Hembrow/Instagram

Tammy will give birth soon.

The 28-year-old showed off her tummy in new photos in a white sports bra and shorts from Lounge.

In the first photo, she was standing with one hand on her stomach and looking into the distance.

In the second photo, Tammy is looking directly at the camera, sitting on the couch with a serious expression on her face.

Kylie's pregnant foe Tammy shows off her big belly in a bikini
Tammy shows off her bare belly ahead of her due date in new video

In the third photo, her stomach is fully visible when she looks down at it.

In the photo, the model showed her tummy, as well as tattoos and a ring.

Tammy signed the post with two hands in the shape of a heart emoji.

This will be her third child, but the first with fiancé Matt Poole.


On June 10, Tammy updated her followers with a message from the hospital.

She did not give birth, but instead had a terrible accident.

Above a photo of her hand covered in gauze and bandage, Tammy wrote: “Small update, lots of tears and spent yesterday in the hospital, but surprisingly unrelated to the baby.”

She continued, “I had a cleaning and stitches after being bitten by a dog. Not the best day, to say the least, but I’m fine, it just hurts.

“I’m glad the baby hasn’t arrived yet, because at the moment there’s almost nothing I can do with this hand.”

Tammy did not confirm if it was her dog or someone else’s.


In May, Tammy revealed a shocking secret about her unborn child, who she revealed will be a girl.

Fans learned a crazy fact about Tammy’s baby in an Instagram Q&A section where she explained that her baby has an extra finger.

The revelation came after a user asked her if she would “remove” the baby’s eleventh finger.

The mother of two answered candidly, “Yes, there is no reason to leave them. Mine were removed shortly after birth.”

Tammy shared her answer and an ultrasound from January showing a unique part of the baby’s body.

The child’s hand was clear in the 3D image, which clearly showed six fingers on one hand.


Kylie is no longer friends with Tammy after they had a fight over naming their kids the same.

When the Kardashian star announced that her newborn son’s name was Wolf, fans noticed that it was the same name as Tammy’s six-year-old son.

The 24-year-old later announced that she had decided to change Wolf’s name because it “didn’t suit him.”

Kylie has yet to publicly reveal the name of her son.

Some fans thought she changed her name because of a fight with Tammy.

Tammy Subtly Called Her Ex-BFF’s Name Choice in Instagram a post where she poses with her eldest child.

The Australian model put one arm around Wolf and the other around her tummy as they looked into each other’s eyes while smiling.

She simply captioned the picture, hinting at the name of her eldest child: “My wolf.”

Apart from Wolf, Tammy is also the mother of her daughter Saskia, whom she had with her ex-fiance Rhys Hawkins.

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The fitness guru and Rhys broke up in 2018.

Tammy is going to give birth any day since her due date has already passed.

Tammy welcomes her third child very soon, the first with her current fiancé.


Tammy welcomes her third child very soon, the first with her current fiancé.Credit: Tammy Hembrow/Instagram
Kylie Jenner and Tammy were friends until she was accused of stealing Tammy's son's name.


Kylie Jenner and Tammy were friends until she was accused of stealing Tammy’s son’s name.Credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram
Tammy Hembrow is also the mother of Wolf and Saskia.


Tammy Hembrow is also the mother of Wolf and Saskia.Credit: Instagram / Tammy Hembrow

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