Lachlan and Rupert Murdoch see Fox Corp. declining in FY 2022 –

According to the SEC statement, the total compensation of top managers of Fox Corp. in fiscal year 2022 decreased from a year earlier.

Lachlan Murdoch, who is executive chairman and chief executive officer, took home a total payroll package of $21.7 million, up from $27.7 million in fiscal 2021.

In addition to a base salary of $3 million, the executive received $8.2 million in stock and $6.3 million in a non-equity incentive plan.

Rupert Murdoch, Lachlan’s father and chairman of the company, made $18.4 million, a sharp drop from his $31.1 million package in 2021. The main elements were $5 million in base salary, a $5.1 million stock award, and $6.3 million from the company’s non-equity capital. incentive plan.

Viet Din, Fox’s chief legal and political officer, received $11.2 million, up from $12.4 million a year earlier. COO John Nallen received $10.2 million, up from $12.45 million. Steven Tomsic was paid a total of $6.1 million, compared to $7.5 million.

Along with the disclosure of executive compensation, the company said in its proxy statement that it has set the date for its annual shareholder meeting for November 3.

Fox Corp. shares, like many other media companies of late, have plummeted. They fell over 10% last year to close the week at $31.97 after gaining 3% in today’s trading.

Since 2019, the Murdochs have led the stripped-down Fox Corp. as a separate company after the family agreed to sell most of 21st Century Fox to Disney. Rupert Murdoch is also the executive chairman of News Corp., which owns Dow Jones, Foxtel Group and other media assets. Lachlan Murdoch is co-chairman of News Corp.

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