Lady Gaga in talks for Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’ sequel

The superstar is in talks to join the Joker sequel as Harley Quinn, but that’s not even the most surprising.

Well, it’s a Hollywood twist no one expected, and if you say you saw it, you’re probably lying.

Hollywood Reporter has a scoop on surprise casting: Lady Gaga in talks to join Joker sequel as Harley Quinn, the crazy girlfriend of protagonist Joaquin Phoenix, Arthur Fleck/Joker.

In the comics, Quinn was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, where she met and became romantically involved with the Joker, a couple who then wreaked havoc in Gotham. The first Joker movie ended with the Joker in Arkham, but on the verge of escaping.

Gaga’s Harley Quinn will be different from the character Margot Robbie plays in the films. Predator birds, Suicide Squad (2016) and Suicide Squad (2021).

Gaga has previously worked with Joker Directed and co-written by Todd Phillips A star is born. Phillips was the producer of Bradley Cooper’s Oscar-nominated drama and Cooper was the producer Joker. Phillips and Cooper worked on three Hangover movies together.

Gaga’s potential casting makes sense considering THR is also reporting on Joker the sequel will be a musical, a striking departure from the first Jokerwhich was dark, gloomy and nihilistic.

Perhaps, if the musical part works out, the continuation could be a rock opera with grandiose, fast-paced emotional beats.

There was already a spectacle about it in the first film, and in its most famous scene, the Phoenix dances in a choreographed dance on the stairs of the Bronx, which has already been colloquially renamed “The Joker’s Staircase”.

Last week, Phillips revealed a subtitle for Joker to be continued Foley-a-de-oposting it along with a photo of Phoenix reading the script.

THR said that Phoenix’s involvement in the sequel has yet to be decided and that his team is still in talks with the studio over his contract. It’s highly unlikely that another installment will come out without Phoenix, who won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance.

JokerThe film’s 2019 release sparked controversy over the film’s gore and tone, with detractors claiming Phillips’ film worships villainous behavior.

TimeCritic and noted screenwriter Stephanie Zacharek wrote, “The film exalts and embellishes Arthur, even as he shakes his head in mock sadness at his aggressive behavior.”

Despite—perhaps because of—tense debates Joker became a hit with the public, especially among men. Its box office ended with US$1.07 billion in ticket sales.

Joker the films are part of the DC Extended Universe, which differs from its Marvel counterparts in that they are not necessarily connected.

There are two more Jokers in the DCEU, including Jared Leto’s version of Suicide Squad and another played by Barry Keoghan, who was teased in the end credits scene Batman.

The next DCEU films to be released will be Black Adam in October a Shazam continuation in December and Bat Girl in 2023.

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