Lady Gaga says she ‘believed’ in Bradley Cooper about his role in ‘House of Gucci’

Lady Gaga getting some career advice from Bradley Cooper,

during a recent episode Entertainment Weekly‘s award winning podcastsThe 35-year-old artist and actress shared that he had consulted her a star is born About co-star Ridley Scott film to know their opinion

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Lady Gaga Said that after working with bradley, she “reads a lot of scripts and talks to a lot of different directors” and said that she discussed “absolutely” house of gucci with him.

,Bradley Cooper Believed in me for the role of Ally Main a star is born, It was the success of our artistic collaboration that got me where I am now,” she explained. “… I have believed bradley Over the years and I have always appreciated his support and his advice, his thoughts on my future endeavors.”

He also discussed working with the actor in an interview Excessive Last month, told the outlet: “As you know, I loved working with Bradley Cooper, He is such a beautiful and loving and wonderful person.”

“He’s wildly creative. He’s a true visionary,” he adds Ridley Scott, “And I didn’t know if I could ever meet someone who would believe in me the way he did, but ridley Did. And ridley Truly a legend and working with him has been an absolute dream. And I’ve never had a better artistic experience than this.”

Lady Gaga recently opened up about his choice of way to go house of gucci, check it out,

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