Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane Announce Gender of Baby #2

Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell. Al Wagner/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

It … ! Pregnant Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell Lane and country singer Chris Lane just revealed the gender of baby #2.

We can’t wait to see you BOY 💙💙💙,” the 32-year-old pregnant star captioned a maternity shoot photo with her husband and their eldest child via Instagram.

The couple’s second child, due in October, will join older brother Dutton, 13 months old, who Lanes welcomed in June 2021.

Last month, the couple exclusively revealed Us weekly that further expansion of their family depended on Dutton having a younger sister or brother.

“I think if we have a girl… we obviously want what the Lord wants for us, but in the end, I think it will be easier to stop at two if it’s a girl.” Stop. Coming Over,” said the 37-year-old singer. Us in July. “If it ends up being a boy, I guess we’ll be trying to have a third.”

However, regardless of the baby’s gender, the village singer wants to see how Dutton adapts to becoming a big sibling.

“I can’t wait to see his reaction when baby #2 gets home,” Lane said. “They will be pretty close in age. And I heard that when they turn 2, they get a little easier because they can just play with each other a lot. So let’s see.”

Bushnell Lane, 32, is just as excited about how their son is adjusting to his new role.

“Party of 4, October 2022,” the reality TV star shared in her social media announcement of her pregnancy on June 6. “Can’t wait to see you as big brother, Dutty!”

Bachelor The Season 20 winner, who tied the knot with Big, Big Plans artist in October 2019, has had a tough time with her second pregnancy. Bushnell Lane has been open about not only the big differences between her two pregnancies, but also the health issues she has faced during her current one.

“I don’t remember showing that much at 21 weeks with Dutton. So the grateful baby is growing up, but Lord, it could be a 10-pound baby,” the Oregon native shared in June via her Instagram story. “Dutton was 9 years old, and this time I gained a lot more weight. (Dutton, I’ve gained 40+ pounds.) It’s so crazy how different every pregnancy is.”

bachelor nation Alum also revealed that during her current pregnancy, she was diagnosed with “marginal attachment of the umbilical cord,” a condition she described as “an attachment of the umbilical cord to the edge of the placenta, not the middle.”

Despite the difficulties this time around, Bushnell Lane is still experiencing a common pregnancy symptom: gum cravings, as she reported on Instagram earlier this month. “The taste lasts 2 minutes, but [it’s] worth it,” she said.

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