Lawyer Jay Edelson Suggests Erika Jayne’s Lifestyle Hasn’t Changed

The lawyer suggested that Erica Janes's lifestyle had not changed.

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Continuing the profession. Lawyer Jay Adelson. Claimed that Erica Jane.The lavish lifestyle has not changed between her and her husband. Tom Gerrard.Legal difficulties

“I mean, there are reports that he is. Makes a maximum of 600,000 for the [Real Housewives of Beverly Hills] Season, “Edelson said.”Real life with Kate Casey.Podcast on Wednesday, October 13.

The lawyer commented. Reality TV starEven the current housing situation, saying, “The idea that you live on جگہ 10,000 a month is really offensive. It has a lot of fans, but I doubt there are many of them.” Spend ڈالر 10,000 a month to live.. I suspect many of them are glam squads.

Of Beautiful dirt. Author, 50, Make headlines in December 2020. When he and Tom, 82, were accused of plotting to embezzle funds for the families of the victims in a class action lawsuit filed by Edelson’s firm. He has been since. Filed ڈالر 25 million for its alleged share in the bankruptcy case., With court documents claiming that Tom’s former firm, Gerard Keys, was covered. Erica’s glam, PR team and more while they were married..

Erica, who? In November 2020, Tom filed for divorce.She maintained that she was unaware of her estranged spouse’s alleged legal misconduct. However, Edelson pointed out how the housewife’s actions in season 11 of the Bravo series are suspicious.

“That’s the whole point [she said of], ‘Oh, I found these houses that I had never heard of.. Let me google where they are. “It’s all so deaf,” the lawyer said on Wednesday’s podcast. “The character she’s portraying is, ‘I have a lot of money and I don’t pay.’ That’s fine. this is awesome. This makes great reality TV. But when you steal money from widows and orphans, it stops.

Edelson explained that once Erica became aware of the legal scandal surrounding Tom, she should have “changed the tax” and done something positive for the victims.

“Maybe, you want to do something to make sure they’re done. She could have done it,” he added. “She could raise funds in a second Pay $ 2 million in judgment. Who are indebted to them.

Edelson further claimed that Erica’s revelations during season 11. The real housewives of Beverly Hills. He has been instrumental in his case against both Tom and Tom.

“This season Real housewives.On the podcast, the lawyer said it was painful to watch – just because I was watching through the victim’s eyes. On TV, you can say whatever you want, under oath, You have to tell the truth.. ”

Although the case against him is still ongoing, a source said exclusively. We Earlier this month Erica is looking for the 12th season. RHOBH And based on his public drama, he intends to renegotiate his pay day.

The insider said in October that “her story line and the rankings were off the charts because of her appearance,” noting that Erica intends to “ask for a higher salary” if she returns to the show. ۔ “She is OK. [regarding] Tom and Court aren’t over yet so you can only imagine what the next season will bring.

We Contact Erica’s team regarding Edelson’s comments.

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