Lee Pace discusses how Bodies Bodies Bodies stand out from his work in the MCU and The Hobbit – Exclusive

Of the biggest differences between films like Guardians of the Galaxy and The Hobbit and this one, Pace said, “This film is unique to me in many ways. Halina Rein, our director, is also an actress. It was a great example of what it’s like when an actor takes control of something.” Pace was particularly impressed with the way she viewed the film through the lens of both actor and director. He added, “Her understanding of the subject matter, and especially of all the characters in this story she’s telling, was so complete that she could give everyone such specific notes, so the movie becomes something that a very unique dynamic between all of these faces becomes about.”

A director who knows and is passionate about his work can make a great project great. “It’s a very exciting experience for an actor to have a director who is so interested in a character. [and] who understands the same language that you understand as an actor, approaching the character,” Pace explained. — It was a very unique experience in many not only genre films, but genre films in particular — [also] in a lot of the films I’ve done, to work with an actor at the helm.”

For fans eager to see Pace’s MCU character Ronan back in action, it doesn’t look like he’s on the horizon anytime soon. We asked Pace if he’s ready to appear in an alternate universe, another prequel, or What If…? He said, “Who knows? You must know something that I don’t because I haven’t heard anything about them doing anything else with Ronan.” Well, it’s not no.

“Bodies Bodies Bodies” is in theaters now.

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