Leila Crawford reveals what it was like to work with Will Smith, Venus and Serena Williams.

Moviegoers and sports fans alike will be happy in November 2021, when the biopic. Venus and Serena Williams.‘Father Richard Williams was not resurrected. Will Smith.

With the direct involvement of Williams’ sisters in this project, it is fair to say. King Richard. Holds the power of the stars considerably – and it seems small The cast is also moving towards mega stardom.

In an exclusive interview with Things, Actress Venus and Serena’s sister Lin Price photographed, Leila Crawford. He opened up about his filmmaking experience – and put a little emphasis on what it was like to work with a host of icons.

A star in your favor.

Let’s be clear: Leila Crawford is not the industry’s nubia. In fact, many fans recognize him from many of his earlier characters.

A previous fact on the Disney Channel, Leila has been in the light for more than half her life., So it’s no surprise that she feels comfortable working with legends – she’s been on her own for a long time!

In fact, Laila has worked with him before. LL Cole J., Playing with his daughter. Kamran Hina on NCIS: Los Angeles..

Leila throws beans while working with chickens.

That being said, working with Will Smith was undoubtedly an exciting, wonderful experience for Leila.

Asked if fans might be surprised to hear about her experience with him, the actress explained that there. Were No one – and it comes down to it. Its incredible reputation Within the industry.

“I don’t think that’s surprising.” She thinks “But Will Smith is very impressive, funny and generous.”

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She adds, “He guided us throughout the experience and made sure we were comfortable.”

“I learned a lot from working with him.” She smiles

In the presence of the great.

Working with Will is an interesting possibility in itself. Don’t miss the opportunity to present the family dynamics of the two biggest icons in the game world – But work with them And this is a different ball game.

“It simply came to our notice then. [Venus, Serena and Lynn], ” Leila said noting her enthusiasm on the occasion. “I was so excited and they were all so kind.”

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“Venus and Serena came to see us Lane actually worked on the set., ” She explains

Leila opened up about learning from Lin

While King Richard. Richard Williams tells the story of his determination to change tennis forever, a large part of the story focuses on his determination to succeed All Her baby.

The film’s trailer opens directly to Lin – full name Lindria – topping her class, and fans are sure to be interested to hear more about Williams’ half-sister, who made her career in the fashion industry. ۔ .

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For Leila, Lane’s story is an inspiration. His goal was to bring as much authenticity as possible – and he even welcomed Lin’s presence.

In a conversation with Lane herself, Leila did extensive research to make sure she brought her A-game into the role – and it looks like it’s paid off!

Leila Crawford.

By Diana Ragland / Destructive Entertainment PR

King Richard. It has not yet been released to mainstream audiences, but so far critics have praised the film not only for its theme, but also Great performance By everyone involved.

With the spread of extraordinary talent in every aspect. King Richard, This is a biopic we can’t wait to see.

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