Leon Wadham’s Kemen is a counterpoint to many other Rings Of Power characters

When Looper sat down with Leon Wadham and his fellow Númenórean actors, we asked him what it was like to explore the minute details that bring a character to life in a long-running serialized adaptation, especially one as epic as The Fall of Atlantis. Numenor.” His response was as light and nonchalant as his new character’s personality – though not for the reason you might suspect.

“I liked it. For me it’s really funny. I don’t know how the audience will take it, but you meet so many characters who have gone through so many hardships over several millennia. Then you meet a person who is young, has everything and feels invincible. I think it’s hysterical when you meet this guy who had everything, who has only ever known Numenor in the golden age and is not interested in any change because it has always served him so well.”

This idea of ​​portraying a carefree and spoiled person in a world steeped in pain and sadness is mesmerizing – and Wadham knows it too. “He’s a really interesting counterpoint to a lot of other characters, not just in Numenor, but in [throughout] show,” Wadham said. “I can see that it’s either really refreshing or infuriating.” With so much drama, it’s only reasonable to see a light-hearted character like Kemen provide a key insight into the game’s dynamics. rich, powerful and doomed kingdom where he spent his whole life.

Rings of Power has been airing weekly since episodes 1 and 2 aired simultaneously in early September. Episode 4 airs Friday, September 16th.

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