Leonardo DiCaprio made the female star uncomfortable on the set.

During the 90s, Leonardo DiCaprio Silently making himself the face of Hollywood. When the 2000s began, everyone wanted it in a movie, for the most part, thanks to the many characters before.

They always bring it on-screen, even off-camera, He did not always rub his teammates properly.. In fact, one particular co-star called him too stupid to act.

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There are always two sides to the story. In the next article, we’ll take a look at what the co-star had to say about Leo, while other people working on the film also raised their voices – their opinions seem contradictory.

Also, we’ll see how. Liu’s career changed after this film. And how could that change the career of his troubled partner?

The movie was a classic.

Back in 1996, beforeTitanicBoom, Leonardo DiCaprio was listing his experiences in other films. Certainly, the brilliant three-hour film took his career to a different level, however.Romeo + Juliet.He also played a major role in shaping his career.

With a budget of $ 14.5 million, Baz Lohrmann’s film was a huge success, as it grossed over $ 150 million at the box office. Liu worked with Claire Dennis in the film. There were a few other notable actors in the film before his fame, including a fan favorite, Paul Rudd.

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Liu confessed at the same time. EW That He was a little skeptical about working in film. But in the end, the director’s vision was what he understood.

“Most of the movies I do, I don’t get paid very much,” says DiCaprio. “Maybe I shouldn’t say that,” he says quickly. “People will get in the habit of not giving me too much money.”

At first I thought. [Luhrmann] Was on the show. But then you start to know him and he is exactly what you want to be a director. Because actors, you know, are completely insecure. They need attention all the time.

The film worked, however, and its relationship with the co-star was not good when the cameras were not working.

Claire Dennis called Liu “stupid.”

Two major stars, DiCaprio and Dennis, grew up on the big screen. However, this was not a different story behind the scenes. According to Dennis, Leo was very immature on the set, often joking. This is what he is known for, which sets the mood on. Turns out, Dennis didn’t like the idea, however, because he loved the star.

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With express, Mary Margolis talked about the relationship. Between the two sets

“I really liked her and appreciated her work, but fortunately I was safe from the charm of her back, unlike poor Claire Dennis, then only 17.”

“It was clear to all of us that she really loved her Romeo, but Leonardo didn’t love her. She wasn’t that kind of thing at all. He didn’t know how to deal with her obvious emotions.”

Despite the perceived relationship, DiCaprio spoke affectionately about his time with his co-star.

“She’s really a mature girl for her age,” says the 21-year-old celebrity. “She was the only girl we auditioned to come straight to my face. She said they were looking me in the eye. And some of the other girls did it like affected flowers. You know, they Turned his hand over his face and looked up and tried to do things with his eyelids, and it wasn’t as true as Claire’s performance.

Given their strong connection on screen, ‘TitanicAt once it seemed like the next logical step. However, Dennis had different plans.

He turned down the Titanic

Given the success of the film, we’re sure Danes will be kicking himself at least a little bit. together. Ale, The star revealed that he does not regret the situation. She was completely disgusted with her time in filming in Mexico. ‘Romeo + Juliet’. Also, given the stardom that Leo will grow in the film, he wasn’t sure he was ready for that kind of show.

“Honestly, I just made this romantic epic with Leo. [DiCaprio] In Mexico City, where they were going to shoot the Titanic, and it wasn’t in me. ”

“I looked at him as if I fully understood why he wanted to do it but I’m not ready for it. I remember when the movie came out and he just went to another level. It was a little scary. Don’t do that, I didn’t want that. ”

Despite missing out on the project, Danes will continue to enjoy a great career.

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