Lewis Capaldi reveals he’s ‘too lazy’ at Isle of Wight to write new music

This weekend, LEWIS CAPALDI performed his first headlining show at the festival and joked to fans that he doesn’t have any new music because he’s “too lazy” to write it.

The hit maker was on the main stage of the Isle of Wight festival and admitted that after years away from the spotlight, he “fucked it up”.


Lewis Capaldi admitted he was “too lazy” to write new music while headlining the Isle of Wright festival.1 credit

He told the audience, “I was supposed to play new music, but I’m a lazy asshole and didn’t make it during quarantine.

“We’re at a festival, you still want to hear all that old shit.”

Lewis, who returned to performing last week at Manchester’s Parklife Festival – his first performance since playing at Wembley Stadium in March 2020 – continued: “I’m very rusty about it.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve done gigs like this and that’s what I also tell every girl I have a one night stand with.

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Lewis Capaldi filming new music video for his big comeback after three years

“Yes, I had sex, a lot of sex. It will be fun, but I’m very nervous.

“This is the first time I’m headlining a festival and if I screw up, it’ll be the last time.”

Lewis began his set by performing the Backstreet Boys Everyone hit (Back-street’s Back) before moving on to his own material.

He later paid tribute to Lionel Richie, who withdrew from the festival due to Covid issues, by encouraging the crowd to sing his hits Hello and All Night Long.

Despite his earlier jokes, Lewis also told fans that his new album would be out soon, adding that he hoped it didn’t flop on the charts.

Closing the set with the hit Someone You Loved, he told the audience: “I can say that this was one of the best nights of my life.

“I never thought I’d be the headliner of the festival.”

After this performance, it will be the first of many headliners for him.


CONFETTI, pyrotechnics and total glamour, graced the stage at the start of Queen’s sold-out performance at the 02 Festival in London.

Frontman Adam Lambert, who paid tribute to Freddie Mercury, was beautifully extravagant in top hat and suit.

Adam Lambert opened a sold-out run of Queen at London's O2 cinema with a heartfelt tribute to Freddie Mercury.


Adam Lambert opened a sold-out run of Queen at London’s O2 cinema with a heartfelt tribute to Freddie Mercury.1 credit

The showman performed all his favorite songs with pleasure, including Radio Ga Ga and Bohemian Rhapsody.

Guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor were there to give him a well deserved break as they took the mic.

Roger performed the majestic song “This Are The Days Of Our Lives” which garnered attention for the year.

Freddie was remembered throughout the entire scene, video clips appeared on a huge “crown” screen in the center of the stage.

The band was worshiped by an adoring audience as they performed other hits such as A Kind Of Magic and We Are The Champions.

This was not a cover band that was just treading water in anticipation of a big income after a forced two-year concert break.

For them and their dedicated fans, this was the case for the Must Go On show.


DUA LIPA is worth £50 million, so it’s only fitting that she’s dressed up like a $100 bill.

The singer, who was on a world tour with her show Future Nostalgia, was enjoying a well-deserved day off.

Dua Lip dressed up as a $100 bill at a party in London


Dua Lip dressed up as a $100 bill at a party in London1 credit

On Friday, she threw a party with friends at The Twenty Two Hotel in London.

In addition to pointed green knee-high boots, Dua wore chain-linked shoes as part of an eye-catching necklace.

The daring fashionista has long hinted at starting her own design label and once said, “I wish I could do something fun in terms of fashion.

I’m focused on music, but I want to be able to expand and do something else.

“I would like to build a brand at some point, even if I start very small. I have to do it in small steps.”

Well, we think she looks hotter than hell.

Sam in action

BRITNEY SPEERS’ new husband Sam Asgari plans to bring home bacon by becoming an action hero.

The Iranian-born former personal trainer has been submitting taped auditions to Marvel Studios but is adamant he doesn’t want to play the bad guy.

The buddy said: “Sam wants to play a positive role model for young Persian men, not the villains they usually portray.

“He worked on his on-screen fighting skills, improved his mixed martial arts skills and took stunt classes.”

We think he would make a great Disney prince.


HER mega-rich fiancé Calvin Harris may be performing at Glastonbury, but Vic Hope insists she’s still going to fail at the festival.

Speaking at the Women’s Fiction Awards in London, the radio presenter said: “It’s been so long since we’ve enjoyed the festivals.

“For me this summer, live music and the opportunity to dance on the field with people you don’t even know is the best thing.

“Give me Portaloo, I don’t care.”

I bet she’ll be glamping.


PAUL HOLLYWOOD spent up to £3,000 of his fortune on a pair of cats.

A Great British Bake Off judge bought two Maine Coon kittens, which cost around £1,600 each and are the world’s largest domestic cat breed.

Paul Hollywood has spent up to £3,000 on two Maine Coon kittens.


Paul Hollywood has spent up to £3,000 on two Maine Coon kittens.Credit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.

He named them Annabelle and Anassa after the hotels he worked at while living in Cyprus in the 90s.

Paul posted a video to Instagram this week of him holding one of the kittens while he cooks and joking on camera about making “cat pie.”

In a recent interview with the magazine, he said, “I saw two of my cats being slowly introduced to each other this week.

“We were in talks about feeding times and territorial behaviour.

“There was a lot of hiss.”

A bit like the first week at the Bake Off tent.


Elvis actor Austin Butler has revealed how co-star Tom Hanks saved him from depression after filming for the biopic ended.

Austin said he went through a “major decompression” and was “at a loss” after impersonating the king.

But Tom, who played Colonel Tom Parker, advised him to immediately move on to another project.

Austin said, “So I flew to London and started filming. That was great advice from Tom. Without it, I might have become depressed.”


The GLASTONBURY festival kicks off next week for the first time in THREE years.

A custom application developed by technology partner EE is now live and ready to download.

Glastonbury is back next week and a custom app developed by tech partner EE is up and running and ready to download.


Glastonbury is back next week and a custom app developed by tech partner EE is up and running and ready to download.1 credit

The updated software includes interactive maps and, new for this year, even a dark mode that should help the phone’s batteries last longer.

Always a godsend in these areas.

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Festival goers can also create custom lineups to share with friends.

In addition to must-see headliners Billie Eilish, Paul McCartney and Kendrick Lamar, we’ll be sure to see TLC, Oscar-winning Riz Ahmed and Dermot O’Leary, the DJ at the Rabbit Hole.

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