Liam Payne is learning how to play golf to take on One Direction buddy Niall Horan.

LIAM PAIN is eyeing the world of sports, as is his old bandmate Niall Horan.

He wants to take on Niall, who plays golf, in order to put the Irish singer to shame by the end of 2022.


Liam Payne wants to be a good enough golfer to take on former bandmate Niall Horan.Credit: Environmental Protection Agency
Niall Horan owns a golf management company and plays frequently in tournaments.


Niall Horan owns a golf management company and plays frequently in tournaments.Credit: Sportsfile – Subscription

“He’s good, but I’ll try to be better. This is my year of playing golf. “

Niall owns Modest Golf’s management company and plays regularly on the lawn.

He once said that he wants to transform it from a sport for wealthy men to a sport in which “teenage girls are more involved.”

With Liam on board, Niall’s dream came a step closer.

Dua cut to the party

Highly paid Dua Lipa throws a party in the Caribbean


Highly paid Dua Lipa throws a party in the CaribbeanCredit: INSTAGRAM / DUA LIPA

DUA LIPA had more than a cold heart after coming out in this abbreviated number.

She got into the party spirit to celebrate Brother Jin’s 16th birthday.

Dua is on vacation on St Barts Island in the Caribbean after breaking up with her boyfriend, Anwar Hadid.

But the singer should enjoy the rest while she still can, as rehearsals for her tour are about to begin.

It was also revealed this week that her hit “Levitating” became the most watched song of 2021 in the US with 805 million streams.

This is a cut above – by anyone’s standards.

On the weekend Jolie

The Weeknd's new album contains lyrics hinting at an affair with Angelina Jolie


The Weeknd’s new album contains lyrics hinting at an affair with Angelina JolieCredit: Mega Agency

THE WEEKND has dated Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez, but now he’s got the main celebrity – Hollywood royalty Angelina Jolie.

The Blinding Lights vocalist has hinted strongly that he is indeed with the actress after they were photographed on multiple dates together last year.

He released his fifth album yesterday, Dawn FM, which will definitely come out on top next Friday.

In one song called Here We Go. … … Again, he seems to confirm that they are in a relationship and that he is falling in love with her.

Rumor has it that


Rumor has it that “The Eternals” star Angelina Jolie is dating The Weeknd.1 credit

He sings: “My new girlfriend, she’s a movie star. I loved her right, made her scream like Neve Campbell

“But I make her laugh, I swear it heals my depressive thoughts. I told myself that I would never fall, but here again. “

The couple sparked rumors that they were dating after being seen enjoyed a romantic dinner together in Los Angeles last summer and were later seen together a few more times.

In another song from the new album, titled Starry Eyes, he seems to allude to the fact that Angelina has been single since her dirty split from the actor Brad Pitt in 2016.

He sings: “You haven’t been touched by a man for so long. Because it was too strong last time.

Both The Weeknd and Angelina kept a low profile. their relationship

The Maleficent actress dodged a question about him during a recent press tour.

When asked that her children were more excited about her new movie, The Eternals, or her friendship with the singer, she replied, “They are very excited about this movie, if that’s what you mean.”

The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, mentioned Ange in his 2016 song Party Monster, which also refers to Selena

He sang: “Ooh, she’s mine, ooh, girl, bump into the line. Angelina, lips like Angelina. Like Selena, ass in the shape of Selena. “

If singing about your dream lover can bring them to you, we all better head off to karaoke this weekend.

Sean’s Bond Moment

Shawn Mendes imitated Daniel Craig when he emerged from the water.


Shawn Mendes imitated Daniel Craig when he emerged from the water.Credit: Mega Agency

The tall handsome pop star Shawn Mendes has enough money to travel to a sunny spot to start the year, really has it all.

The singer looked like he was trying to be the next James Bond as he emerged from the sea in Miami with six dice in a full show and then raced in hot pursuit across the sand.

It was reminiscent of 007 actor Daniel Craig’s famous ocean scene at Casino Royale.

But perhaps these photos made his ex-girlfriend Camilla Cabello understand what she was missing, as a few hours later they were spotted with their dog Tarzan for a walk in a local park.

The couple broke up in November after more than two years of marriage.

Sean is still friends with ex-Camilla Cabello after their recent breakup.


Sean is still friends with ex-Camilla Cabello after their recent breakup.Credit: Mega Agency

This is the first time they have been photographed together since their breakup, when they insisted that they remain close friends despite ending their romance.

During the decision to end the relationship, they said, “We started our relationship as best friends and will continue to be best friends.”

I don’t know many women who would like to date only a guy who looks like this.

But good luck to them.

Av-in it big

AVRIL LAVIGNE’s new album, due next month, will be filled with collaborations due to Covid restrictions.

Singer Sk8er Boi said that the Los Angeles quarantine was good for her, as all her favorite musicians were stuck there and could make music with her.

She said, “I have a bunch of different features on the record, most of all I’ve had before since everyone was in town.”

Avril revealed on Instagram Live that the so far untitled album was “a love letter to women and self-affirmation,” and added, “The spirit and energy of this record is so much fun.”

Kanye’s new trick

Kanye West’s feeble attempts to get the attention of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian have failed.

But now he’s up the ante with actress Julia Fox in an infamous PR stunt after flaunting her in Miami and New York.

Julia Fox says she has an instant bond with Kanye West


Julia Fox says she has an instant bond with Kanye West1 credit

Julia wrote an enthusiastic article for Interview magazine about her whirlwind romance with the rapper now known as Ye after her name change in October, whom she has only known for a week.

Oh, and it turns out he’s as nauseatingly extravagant as he wants you to believe.

Julia wrote, “I met Yeh in Miami on New Years Eve and it was an instant connection.

“His energy is so much fun to be around. He made me and my friends laugh, dance and smile all night long. “

He then sent Julia to New York to watch The Slave Game on Broadway before heading to her “favorite” restaurant, Carbone.

Julia continued, “At restaurant E shot an entire photo shoot for me while people were having lunch.

“The whole restaurant loved it and they cheered us on while it was happening.”

Julia says Kanye has a cheerful energy and enjoys spending time with him.


Julia says Kanye has a cheerful energy and enjoys spending time with him.1 credit

I think someone should explain to Julia that there is a big difference between someone who laughs with you and at you.

Kanye then made his trademark move and, like Kim, completely revamped Julia’s wardrobe.

She wrote: “After supper. … … E had a whole hotel room full of clothes.

“It was like a Cinderella present moment. For example, who does this kind of thing on a second date?

“I don’t know where things are going, but if this is any sign of the future, I love this trip.”

I will be shocked if this lasts a month.

Romeo winger as dad

He has a £ 1.2 million modeling contract with sportswear firm Puma and is fast becoming a future football superstar.

But once you thought Romeo Beckham’s transformation into his father David is complete, he goes in and gets an almost identical tattoo.

Romeo, who plays for his father’s reserve team Inter Miami in the US, posted a new tattoo yesterday in an internet post.

The Celtic cross with angel wings is exactly the same as that of David, and also on the back of the head.

The former England captain has 63 tattoos, while Romeo now has several, including an eagle on his shin and a dove on his arm.

But middle son Becks isn’t the only star tossing a leaf out of her book.

Justin Bieber, a good friend of Romeo, commented on the photo on Instagram: “I really like it, my dad also inspired me.”

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