Liberal Senator Holly Hughes criticized for ranting about Meghan Markle

Liberal Senator Holly Hughes has been criticized online for describing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as “terrible, disgusting, disgusting people” in an extraordinary spray on the eve of the Queen’s funeral.

The NSW senator’s shocking verbal outburst sparked controversy and controversy online, with some social media users complaining that it was over the top.

“I don’t think so if Holly Hughes dated Meghan Markle. Harry and Meghan love each other, leave them alone,” Jean Hitchok said.

“Shame on her and shame on anyone who thinks this behavior is appropriate for an Australian politician,” said Kate Lee.

“Never heard of Holly Hughes until today and already know she’s a spot on Australian politics. What a terrible person to focus her hatred on someone she’s never met when the Queen is remembered,” another Twitter user said.

Annie Rob said that Victorian Senator Sarah Henderson should look into this behavior.

“I’m waiting for you to read out the terrible comment of your colleague Holly Hughes,” she said. “You quickly jumped on the ‘mean girl’ comment when you saw the political benefit, let’s see if you decide to denounce the actual behavior of the ‘mean girl’ or if your silence justifies it.”

“Holly Hughes is a very strange woman. She speaks as if she knows Meghan Markle well, even though she hasn’t met her. These kinds of women who bear false witness about other women do so much harm. And they don’t care,” Elaine McKay said.

“Despite Harry publicly stating that Meghan Markle’s mental health is being affected by constant media negativity, he fears for her life and it brings back painful memories of his mother’s death, Australian Senator Holly Hughes lashes out with even more hate.” said the other. Twitter user.

“Holly Hughes is a miserable person. Truly awful,” another Twitter user said.

However, there was also some support from Meghan Markle’s online critics who praised her and suggested replacing Peter Dutton as Leader of the Opposition.

Senator Holly Hughes, who is believed to have never met the couple, launched a furious attack on Sky News as Prince Harry prepares to attend his grandmother’s funeral.

“I think she had a terrible effect on him,” said Senator Hughes. “She’s just a terrible person. They are horrible, disgusting, disgusting people.”

Senator Hughes, no stranger to controversy, made headlines earlier after she was vilified in Parliament when Green Senator Lydia Thorpe yelled at her from across the room, “At least I keep my legs covered.”

Ms. Thorpe later apologized and retracted her remark after widespread backlash.

Senator Hughes said she supported moves to “insult” Prince Harry by canceling his invitation to attend some events commemorating his grandmother’s death.

Sky News anchor Chris Smith then agreed, offering to “make your own bed, lie in it.”

Senator Hughes then suggested that she hoped Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would divorce.

“They both make me sick,” she said. “I kind of yearn for the day Harry rolls over one day and looks up and thinks, ‘What have I done? and comes to his senses and moves back across the pond.

“I think he made a terrible mistake. And I think she’s all right, I think she’s been a terrible influence on him. She is a terrible person.

“This is absolutely disgraceful. And I don’t know what’s going on with the book he wrote. Her podcasts, apparently, they are now browsing, trying to remove the parts in which she said not particularly nice things about the Queen.

“They are terrible, disgusting, disgusting people and I absolutely believe they shouldn’t be invited to this and I hope they aren’t invited to many other things.

Earlier this year, Senator Hughes became embroiled in an online dispute with Rachelle Miller, the former lover of former Liberal leader Alan Taj.

“Wow, you’re in serious trouble! Honey, lots of therapy. Stop making baseless allegations and then hiding behind false legal premises,” said Senator Hughes.

The context for Senator Hughes’ outburst was that Ms. Miller joked on Twitter that she was trying to figure out who Senator Hughes reminded her of and finally figured out who it was.

She said it was Hyacinth Bucket from the comedy Keeping Up Decor.

In the series, the heroine is a woman who strives to climb the social ladder and impress rich and successful people.

She has previously also said she supports her friend “Taji” who denies being abused by her former employee during her time at work.

“What (Miss Miller) wants us to do? What does she want us to do?” Senator Hughes said.

“We are taking a number of steps to provide staff with a complaints mechanism.

“But Minister Taj denied this version of events. So, again we are in “he said, she said.”

Following a Twitter exchange, Ms. Miller settled her compensation claim on a “no-clearance” basis with the Treasury Department for $650,000. has contacted Senator Hughes for comment.

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