Life of these 10 winning pairs revealed after the “amazing race”

Amazing race prepares to air its 33rd season. In this action-adventure reality show, teams of 2 compete against each other in races around the world on missions. Whoever finishes in each leg of the race is eliminated and one team at the end wins a $ 1 million prize.

Over time, Amazing Race saw so many teams come and go and had 32 different winning teams. Winning $ 1 million can be life changing. Not only does money change their lives, winning a reality show gives them a sense of fame in the reality TV world. Some teams have left to live normal lives, while others continue to be public figures. The show has even been seen by people from other reality / competition shows such as Older brother and Survivor.

This is what life looks like after victory Amazing race for these ten couples.

10 Cody and Jessica Nixon

Cody Nixon and Jessica Graf met in season 19 of the show. Older brother. Not having much success on this show, they tried their luck in season 30. TAP and ended with a victory. They became engaged shortly after the victory and announced that they were waiting. The couple got married in October 2018. They now have two daughters – Maverick and Carter together and the daughter of Nixon’s joint parent, Paisley, from a previous relationship. She started her own blog and fashion line, and Cody started his own coffee business.


9 Dana Alexa and Matt Steffanina

Dana Alexa and Matt Steffanina were engaged during season 28, but unfortunately broke up that same year after five years of marriage. The dancers don’t have a bad relationship between them, despite the fact that Alexa was devastated when Steffanina left her. She founded Three Six Zero, a wellness dance community. Meanwhile, he is still a dancer and choreographer and has been dating dancer Destiny Kay for two years now.

eight Will Jardell and James Wallington

Will and James competed together in the last season and in the end they all won. Soon after winning in 2020 They merried. Since then, the couple have made trips to Disneyland, spent time with their adorable dog, hung out with friends, and posted the most adorable photos on Instagram. Wedding photos from their date in October 2021 are too cute for words.

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7 Rob Frisbee and Brennan Swain

The original winners of the show Rob Frisbee and Brennan Swain are still friends today. Let’s talk about television that brings people together! Swain is the godfather of Frisbee’s son, who recently celebrated 20 years of friendship and victory in the race. Frisbee is a television and film attorney. Swain works for a Los Angeles-based law firm that specializes in copyright, patent law, and intellectual property.

6 Christy Lee Woods and Colin Guinn

In a race against the past Amazing race contestants as well Older brother couples and Survivor couples Christy Lee Woods and Colin Guinn won in their 31st season. They previously competed in Season 5. The couple are still together, they have two sons and a dog. They still love nature and spend a lot of time in nature.

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5 Chip Arndt and Reichen Lemkul

Chip and Reichen were the first gay couple to end the show and win the show. They dated in season 4 but broke up shortly after winning the show. Arndt is an LGBTQ + rights advocate and has helped promote many cases. He is also the executive vice president of Flimp Communications and Joshua’s dad.

Lemkul began dating Lance Bass after the show and was in a relationship with Bass when the former Bander boy went public. Since starring in Amazing race, he has appeared on several other shows including Top list: New York and Up to Heaven.

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4 Joyce and Uchenna Agu

Joyce and Uchenna Agu won the 7th season. They returned to the All-Stars where they finished in fifth place. Unfortunately, they did not stay together. The couple broke up in 2011 but remained close friends. Scienna became a motivational speaker and cameo actor. Joyce is a former actress who was supposed to work on the memoir, but it has never been published.

3 Linz family

In the show’s first family episode, the Linz family – Nick, Alex, Tommy, and Meghan took home a win in Season 8. The siblings said on the show that they gave half of their winnings to their parents. Parents from Linz shared a little information about where their children are now. Nick is married and lives in Cincinnati with children. Alex is married with a child and works with Nick at Tripack. Megan is also married with children and works as a housewife. Tommy is single and works in sales.

2 Nick and Starr Spangler

Nick and Starr Spangler were the siblings who won Season 13. Nick got married in 2013 and now has two children. He continued appear in “Tootsie” to this day he remains an actor. As for Starr, she overcame lymphoma and married Tyler Ray in 2013. She currently works as a senior manager in Global Change and Operations at Facebook.

one Nat Strand and Kat Chang

Nat Strand and Kat Chang won their 14th season. They are both still doctors and the best to this day. Strand is married with two children and is involved in diabetes awareness raising. Chang is married with two children and a doctor. They were the first women’s team to win Amazing race.

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