Lil Fitz was trolled after he publicly apologized for sleeping with the band mate’s baby mama.

Back in a hurry 2000 B2K was one of the hottest R&B boy bands in the world.

Amiron, Lil Fitz, Jay Bogg and Raz-B often called themselves best friends and brothers.

In 2012, Ameron began dating a reality star and singer. April Jones. Their relationship was very prominent. Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood. They have two children: a 6-year-old son, Mega Amari Grandberry, and a 5-year-old daughter, Amy Kazuko Grandberry.

April and Omar later got engaged, but their marriage ended in 2016. Around 2019, around April 2019, the band joined the age group Lil Fitz. This relationship also runs on the VH1 series. Love and Hip: Hop. The couple received strong reactions from both the cast and the fans. Many felt that their romance was “inappropriate” considering the age and age-old friendship of Fez.

However, a year after dating, April and Fez broke up.



Jones said later. Madam Noir. That phase could not handle the constant mention and questions from the public about the ages.

“I think it was a lot of pressure on our relationship; I think. [Omarion] He also played a role in it, which made him feel like he was putting me in a situation and you know it’s all pressure. “It was better to end it and be happy and get away from it because it wasn’t working.”

Omar and April Jones children.


However, in an interview, Ameerun denied any involvement in the affair. Child TV. But shortly after the interview, Amiron announced the 2020 Millennium Tour without B2K, which angered fans in April.

A few hours ago, a video surfaced in which Lil Fitz publicly apologized to Ameron for visiting her ex-fianc اور and mother with their children. Appearing on stage with Umair and fellow bandmate Matt Raz B, Fez said:

“I want to sit here, humbly and sincerely apologizing for any inconvenience or disturbance between you and your family.”

Umair then hugged Faiz, the tear-stained star told the crowd that he loved them.

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April Jones Lille Fit Instagram.


However, some fans were not impressed with Fez’s apology.

“The bank account looks ridiculous, doesn’t it?” Read a funny comment

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One second added, “People always apologize when things don’t work out for them. It doesn’t matter if they’re still together.”

A third commented, “No, Phase went out here saying he had never really been such a friend, so he should stand up for it.”

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B2K fans demand to know the truth after making serious allegations against Raz B

An interview with B2K’s Raz B was stopped when the singer revealed that he had been abused by his group manager, music executive, Chris Stokes.

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