Lil’ Kim’s Man Steps In Fight Between Her & 50 Cent-Clowns 50 For His Role As A Cancer Patient In Direct-To-Video Movie

Lil Kim’s man, Mr. Papers, is always behind his wife, and this is the second time he has had to come. 50% for making fun of Kim.

It all started when 50 Cents shared a video without provocation, in which someone compared a clip of Lil Kim’s performance to that of the Leprechaun franchise character “Leprechaun”, in particular. From the movie “Leprechaun in the Hood”.

50% named the video, “I’m sorry I know it’s in a hurry, but I don’t know why it’s funny to me. LOL.”

Now we know that 50 cents is not cold, but. Kim didn’t find anything funny to me. He called for 50 cents to share the video, asking why he kept posting about it.

“You’re so obsessed with me. It’s getting scary. Yarnnnn it’s not one. Brother it wasn’t funny at all. I was hoping you’d laugh but cornyyyy booooo !!! You’re falling so bad I am and I am flying a lot in this video, you have just arrived but we all know why, “he wrote. “This meme was out months ago so you searched for it. Maybe you’ve made it limp … Leave my P *** y Curtis. Ps Why do I feel like I’m in a gay fight?” I didn’t know I had a girlfriend named Curtis

Hours later, Mr. Papers responded by sharing a 50% meme for his wife to give her a taste of his medicine.

Mr Papers mocked the 50 per cent role as a cancer patient in the 2011 film “All Things Fall Apart”.

50 infamously lost a lot of weight to play Devon. “Remember when 50 cents,” said Mr. Papers. [lost] So much weight to play cancer patient and no one has seen the movie yet

The Papers wrote in the title of the post, “The old man lost all his weight trying to win an Oscar and this dumb ** movie beat ended at @ 50 cents.”

[Post here]

He may then stop playing with 50 cents less. We will keep posting to you.

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