Lily Cardone & Lowrey Brown Join Amazon Sci-Fi Drama Series – Deadline

Special: Lily Cardon. (Blood line) And Lori Brown (Vibrating cat algae) I’ve been tapped for important recurring characters. Amazon.Sci-fi drama Light years Writer Holden Miller and producer Daniel C. Connolly starred Sisi Spacek and JK Siemens. Argentine director Juan Jose Campanella will direct and executive produce the first two episodes of the series, a joint production of Amazon Studios and Legendary Television.

Written and co-executed by Holden Miller, Light years Following in the footsteps of Franklin and Erin York, played by Siemens and Spacek, a couple years ago discovered a chamber buried in their backyard that leads to an inexplicably desolate planet. He has kept his secret ever since, but when a mysterious young man enters his life, the quiet existence of Yorks quickly fades away – and the mysterious chamber in which he thought he was Prove to be much better than imagined

Cardon and Brown will play smaller versions of Space and Siemens characters.

Brown’s young Franklin (seen 21-30 years old) enters Irene for the first time when he sees her, together in his first years as a newlywed couple and as a young parent.

Cardon’s young Irene (seen as a young woman 19-30 years old) is surprised to see herself attracted to Franklin, but later builds her life as a family, She throws herself into working as her teacher and raising her son Michael.

Connolly works as a show runner and produces with executive mosaics Jimmy Miller and Sam Hansen. Philip Martin is the executive producer and producer director of Season 1.

Brown can be seen in Hulu’s upcoming miniseries. Dupesk. Additional credits to Michael Keaton include Ron Howard. Hull cat algae. And the recurring character in Fox. The Gifted. Brown is making feature films. up to. And Battle of Bashi Run., In both supporting roles. Brown was added to the People Store by Jennifer Hummel and Mark Shearer to the Managed Performance Group.

Cardon is best known for his work in the Netflix series. Blood line except for Bernie Dolphin. And Bernie Dolphin 2, They are both running on Hulu. Cardon has been recaptured by Incampus and Brewerd Talent Group.

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