Lily Collins has the best response for the haters

Lily Collins showed a real sense of humor when dealing with the haters of “Emily in Paris.”

The actress, producer and her husband, director Charlie McDowell, stumbled upon a tainted poster of Emily in New York and posted an Instagram post on it.

Lily Collins reacts to ruined ‘Emily in Paris’ poster

Collins and McDowell discovered a billboard for the second season of Emily in Paris. Collins’ wide-open character, however, looked a little different, as her face was ruined by a red marker covering her eyes, nose, and mouth.


Star Netflix The show decided to have some fun, as she clearly showed on Instagram.

Collins filmed McDowell going for a walk and then suddenly saw the poster, frightened and screaming before running away.

She also posed next to the billboard with a shocked face.

“I can’t say I like the new look, Em. But A for effort … “- wrote Collins in the signature.

She has been supported by several celebrity friends, including her co-star Emily in Paris, Ashley Park, who plays Mindy on the series.

“She’s a great character for everyone,” Park commented, adding a smiley face to his hands.

“One step closer to Emily in Berlin,” wrote Charlie’s Angels actress Ella Balinska.

You ask what about Emily in Berlin. Well, it looks like this is a universal pitch for the upcoming season of the show, created by Darren Starr. (Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the new season yet.)

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Emily in Paris: A New Location in Season 3?

After the climax of season 2, Emily faced a difficult decision: to stay in Paris longer than anticipated, to join Sylvie’s new marketing firm (Filipino Leroy-Beaulieu), or to stay with her mentor and boss Madeleine (Kate Walsh) and eventually return to Chicago.

What will she decide? And will chef Gabrielle (Lucas Bravo) play a role in Emily’s decision after he returned with Camilla (Camilla Raza)?

After seeing Collins’ punk photo shoot for Vogue magazine, where she showcases structured mullet and smoky eyes, fans would like to see Em take over Berlin next time. And Collins herself seems to approve of this change of scenery.

However, the third season of the hated comedy has yet to be confirmed, so all fans of Emily should keep a close eye on updates, including a potential German adventure.

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