Lily Collins plucked flowers from Princess Diana and threw a toy at Prince Charles’s head

Lily Collins talks about the royal past when she snatched flowers from Princess Diana and threw toys at Prince Charles.

Lily Collins plucked flowers from Princess Diana and threw a toy at Prince Charles's head

Emily in Paris Actress Lily Collins revealed her royal past on Late Late. The 32-year-old actress, daughter of singer Phil Collins, has appeared on a CBS chat show with James Corden to reveal these connections.

The actress explained the story to a talk show host on Tuesday after he showed a photograph of Collins, which she held in her mother’s arms, presenting a floral display to the late Princess Diana.

Collins tells the story of the meeting of the late Princess of Wales with her mother, Jill Tavelman. The actress, who was very young at the time, recalled how she tried to snatch the flowers from Diana’s hands.


“I give Diana flowers, but the second when she came for them, I tried to pull them out.” She tells the 43-year-old talk show host about this. V Mirror mirror the actress joked that her actions sucked all the air out of the room, but due to the fact that she was wearing a beautiful dress, she got away with it.

She then described how she threw a toy phone at Prince Charles’s head when she was a young girl. “I was also told that when I was younger I was playing with some toys with Prince Charles and I started throwing something at him, like throwing a toy phone at his head,” she said.

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The actress’s connection to the royal family occurs through her superstar father, successful solo star and singer of the rock band Genesis. He has often worked with royals with the Prince’s Trust, taking Collins with him.

Lily told him that her father, the drummer and singer of the rock band Genesis, had done a lot for the Prince’s Trust, and she grew up in England.

Lily also revealed to James that she spent New Year’s Eve in New York with her husband Charlie McDowell, her father Phil, traveling the city and playing Trivial Pursuit. During this time in the city, she humorously posted images of herself with a disfigured Emily in Paris poster.

Collins married McDowell in an intimate ceremony in Colorado last September. A few days later, she shared photos from the ceremony and her Ralph Lauren dress.

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