Lily Collins Shares Emily’s Reaction To The Emily In Paris Renewal

Emily in Paris renewed for two more seasons Netflix, giving viewers the opportunity to love hate for a little longer.

The series, starring Lily Collins as the award-winning director of marketing storming the French capital and engaging in all sorts of dramas, recently debuted in its second season. On January 10, Netflix announced that the show from creator Darren Star will be back in two more parts, and Collins herself took to Instagram to share her reaction … and that of her character Emily.


Lily Collins celebrates two seasons renewal of Emily in Paris

Collins shared photos of herself in a very successful outfit: a T-shirt depicting herself as Emily as she takes a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower from the balcony of her apartment, as she usually does.

“Woke up early to give you VERY exciting news … @emilyinparis is back in Season 3 … And wait, Season 4 !!!!!” Collins wrote in the signature.

The actress also shared Emily’s reaction to the show’s renewal, which is similar to what Em Cooper would do.

“I can’t tell if Emily would like this outfit or not, but she would have screamed anyway,” Collins shared.

“I sincerely love you all, thank you very much for your incredible support. Seriously, I can’t wait any longer. Merci Beaucoup !! … ”she finally said.

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What happened to Emily in season 2?

Think of this as a spoiler alert for Emily in Paris season 2 as we go into the storyline in depth.

In the second season, Emily has to contend with the aftermath of a passionate night with Chef Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), a romance that takes place behind the back of his ex-girlfriend Camilla (Camilla Razat).

When Camilla inevitably finds out about this, it is difficult for her and Emily to mend the relationship and make a deal: none of them will try to negotiate with Gabriel. This, of course, fails when Camilla and Gabrielle get back together at the end of the season and even move in together.

Meanwhile, Emily begins dating an Englishman from her French class, Alfie (Lucienne Laviscont). When he returns to London and wants to walk the distance, Emily initially agrees, but then decides to confess her love to Gabriel, only to find out that he and Camilla are now living together.

Professionally (and this may be the season’s most interesting twist), Emily has a tough decision to make when her French boss Sylvia (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) and her American mentor Madeleine (Keith Walsh) clash. Will she join Sylvie’s new company or stay with her Chicago firm? Fans will have two whole new seasons to discover.

The first and second season of Emily in Paris airs on Netflix.

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