Lily James Feels “Released” As Pamela Anderson On New Hulu Show

Lily James talks about her transformation into Pamela Anderson for the upcoming Hulu Pam & Tommy show.

Lily James Feels Released Playing Pamela Anderson On New Hulu Show

Lily James revealed how “relaxed” she felt playing Pamela Anders in the new Hulu TV series. Pam and Tommy.

Although the role is like Malibu safeguards beauty was a challenge she told PORTER that she liked the transformation. “I’ve never worked that hard. I read books [Anderson] I wrote, I read her poems, I can sing along to all her interviews. “

Lily James looks unrecognizable on new Hulu show

The show made headlines last year when the 32-year-old actress posted images of herself in Anderson’s costume. She wears a variety of signature leather outfits as well as the iconic red swimsuit. Cinderella the star looked unrecognizable.


James explained that the costume and makeup took four hours each day and came with a faux jumpsuit. “Of course there was a physical transformation. Gradually, our incredible team found a balance in which I resembled Pamela, but also felt that I could act through it.

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“I’ve never done anything that is very different from myself. And I would really like to continue in the same spirit, because I felt something very liberating and liberating in this. Courage emanated from this. The courage that came from … disappearance.

New Chronicles of the Hulu Show “Rocky Pamela Anderson’s Marriage”

Drama Pam and tommy talks about the sex tape scandal that shocked Pamela and her then-husband, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee (played by Sebastian Stan) during their troubled three years of marriage.

Lily said that, in her opinion, the consequences of that scandal are still being felt. “It triggered the internet and celebrity culture, which I think is just out of control now. There is no such thing as confidentiality right now. […] We share our lives all the time – with an audience that doesn’t give a damn about you. And the distribution of information to corporations that use it for profit. I know the time before this happened, but there are young girls who have no idea.

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“It was a trigger moment that inadvertently sparked a new time … Hopefully a lot has changed. But sometimes it seems that he hasn’t changed enough. “

The raunchy cassette was stolen by Rand Gaultier, played by Seth Rogen on Hulu, after Tommy Lee reportedly refused to pay $ 20,000 for the construction work he was doing at their home. After threats from the fatal drummer, Gaultier stole a safe that the couple kept in the garage, where weapons and jewelry were kept along with a new cult tape.

A source told The Sun. that Pamela was “not going to watch this damn terrible show, absolutely not.” Never.’ Tommy Lee is reportedly excited to watch the drama, which will air on February 2.

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