Lisa Kudrow makes it clear what she thinks about friend diversity

During a recent interview with daily beast, Lisa Kudrow addressed the diversity controversy that has surrounded Friends for years and offered an interesting approach. According to Kudrow, the two white creators of Friends should not have told the stories of people of color. Expanding on this point, Kudrow said, “Well, I feel like it was a show made by two people who went to Brandeis and wrote about their life after college. And especially for a show when it’s going to be a character based comedy. you write what you know. They don’t have to write stories about what it’s like to be a person of color.”

Ultimately, Kudrow believes that the real problem Friends faced was the lack of apprenticeship. In this context, Kudrow seems to imply that the production was meant to bring in more diverse voices for the writers’ room, or encourage new, young writers of color to tell their own stories. Kaufman herself does not seem to agree with this. in the aforementioned Los Angeles Times interviewKaufman not only committed to investing money, but also promised to bring in more diverse talent for her future projects.

So, while Kudrow definitely shares different views on the subject, it’s clear that she agrees that Friends could do something better.

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