Lisa Kudrow’s response to Jerry Seinfeld, who appropriated the success of his friends

In the summer of 1995, after the first season of Friends was followed by Mad About You, NBC decided to give the series a new timeslot. Lisa Kudrow said daily beast that while the ratings for her first season of the show were in order, it wasn’t until the Seinfeld couple came on the schedule that the numbers really took off. It is for this reason that Friends’ sudden success was no mystery to Jerry Seinfeld, who shared his thoughts with Kudrow at the party.

In her interview, Kudrow, who played Phoebe (and her twin), recalled that there was no mystery to her about the rating increase. “We held on to ‘Mad About You’ and started building, but it was the summer when we were in reruns after ‘Seinfeld’ where ‘Seinfeld’ was our prologue where we blew up.” Speaking of her run-in with Jerry, she looked back and said, “I remember going to some party and Jerry Seinfeld was there. He said, “Welcome.” I said, “Why, thank you… what?” And he said, “Will you come for us in the summer, please.”

Of course, Seinfeld was right, as his popular series was then approaching its sixth season. Any Seinfeld-led show, even reruns, is almost guaranteed to attract more viewers and success. And while there are many actors who would be offended if they were told why their show failed, Kudrow had no reason to disagree. She modestly replied, “That is absolutely true. Thanks”. And with Friends shortly after, which ended up giving us endless syndicated episodes of endless reruns, fans should also thank Jerry.

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