Lisa Wilkinson’s Logies: Network 10 speech responds to ‘unfair’ criticism of The Project star

Wilkinson did not appear on The Project on Thursday night, and there was no mention of the case or her Logis speech.

Network Ten responded to Lisa Wilkinson’s “unfair” criticism following her Logies speech that contributed to the postponement of the trial of alleged Brittany Higgins rapist Bruce Lehrmann.

The network on Thursday night responded to stories about Wilkinson and said it did not rule out going to court.

Wilkinson did not appear on The Project on Thursday night, and there was no mention of the case or her Logis speech.

She was reportedly supposed to be on the Tonight Show, but co-host Georgie Tunney took her place instead, along with Waleed Ali, Tony Armstrong and Tom Cashman.

“These reports are now causing significant harm, and we ask these organizations to stop this harassment in order to give Liza the best opportunity to testify in court and allow the trial to proceed fairly and on time,” a spokesperson for the network said. said.

“We are closely monitoring all coverage of this matter and Lisa and Network 10 reserve the rights with respect to any future defamation lawsuits.

“Network 10 continues to fully support Lisa in her ongoing and total commitment to doing the right thing as a witness in court.”

Wilkinson’s husband Peter FitzSimons also showed his support for the wrestling star by tweeting an article about Ten’s statement.

Lerman’s attorney, Steve Whybrow, filed on Thursday morning to start trial early next year because “wildfires are still burning” after Wilkinson’s speech.

“My statement will be that since the wildfire is still burning, the trial will begin early next year because we would like there to be no further problems and delays,” he told the ACT Supreme Court.

“We can foresee the possibility that there may be related issues that need to be investigated in connection with the circumstances that led to the annulment of the trial.”

But ACT Chief Justice Lucy McCallum said a three-month delay was more appropriate and the four-week trial will now begin in October.

Lehrmann pleaded not guilty and was interviewed by police stating that he did not have sex with Ms Higgins.

In her speech, mistaking Silver Logie for an interview with Ms. Higgins in The Project, Wilkinson “completely blurred” the line between an accusation and a guilty plea, Judge McCallum told the court on Tuesday.

According to Judge McCallum, Wilkinson received a “clear and appropriate” warning from prosecutors against making public statements in the case during a June 15 conference to discuss the testimony she was to give at trial as a witness.

Network 10 may be set to pump out a huge amount of money to smooth out a performance after hiring prominent lawyer Matthew Collins on Network and Wilkinson’s behalf.

Just hours before he was hired by Channel 10, Mr Collins, president of the Australian Bar, told Seven’s Sunrise on Wednesday morning that the Project host could be in serious trouble.

“It is possible that the authorities will look at the speech she gave in Logies and assess whether the speech was contrary to the standard that applies in this branch of law,” Dr. Collins said.

“That standard is, did anything she did tend to interfere with the course of justice?”

Teng confirmed that Dr. Collins was called to represent the network and Wilkinson, adding that Teng “fully supports Lisa Wilkinson.”

“Both Network 10 and Lisa Wilkinson take their legal obligations very seriously, including preparing and delivering her speech at the Logies event,” a spokeswoman said.

“In light of the ongoing litigation, it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.”

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