Little details you may have missed in “Akira”

As they recover Takashi, the Neo-Tokyo government also takes Tetsuo for testing. The scan reveals how strong a psychic Tetsuo is, and he confirms this by getting up and leaving the facility without any of the security forces seeing him. Once caught, we see him begin to realize the extent of his abilities as he moves the glass across the food tray.

A very similar scene played out almost a decade earlier in the great Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky’s classic sci-fi film Stalker. In it, a mysterious “Zone” appeared in Russia with its own laws of physics. At its center is the Room that grants the wishes of visitors, so the titular tracker takes two men known only as the Writer and the Professor on an expedition to find her.

There are also references to the Zone causing mutations, much like the mutant children in Akira. The Stalker’s daughter, nicknamed “Monkey”, is one of them, but at first it seems that the mutation only extends to her ugly legs. The Stalker goes into the Zone, trying and failing to find transcendence, which Tarkovsky visualizes with a trick borrowed from The Wizard of Oz, where the normal world is tinted in sepia and the Zone in color. Savvy viewers should know something is wrong when they see the film stay in color after the Stalker returns home. The last scene confirms that the magic he was looking for was always at home when the Monkey, like Tetsuo, displays his telekinetic abilities by moving glasses around the dining table.

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